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8. NL11-1306046 Son Xaviera

NL11-1306046 Son Xaviera NL11-1306046 Son Xaviera
Start veiling 17-1-2012 12:00:00
Einde veiling 28-1-2012 15:20:00
Status Veiling afgelopen, u kunt niet meer bieden.

Original Kas & Karel Meijers, Oud Ootmarsum

Father: BE09-6348472 ‘Grandson Olympiade’
Original Meijers/Heremans (together breeding)

Grandfather: BE06-6413072 ‘Son De Asduif’
Bred out of two pigeons which came direct from Gust Jansen, Beerse. Father is BE00-6460908 ‘De Asduif’, which won among others:
1st Noyon 2,042 pigeons
3rd Noyon 2,961 pigeons
3rd Noyon 1,861 pigeons 
9th Noyon 3,406 pigeons
10th Noyon 3,630 pigeons
15th Noyon 3,383 pigeons

Grandmother: BE07-6399401 ‘Kim’
Mother to BE08-233 of Wolfgang Roeper (Germany). This pigeon won 2nd, 4th, 4th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 14th, 16th and so on. In 2009 11 prices of 13 races and in 2010 11 prices of 12 races.
‘Kim’ is a daughter to BE01-6455003 ‘Olympiade’ x BE06-6148404

Mother: BE10-6146226 ‘Xaviera’
Original Meijers/Heremans (together breeding)
Won among others:
2nd Hasselt 1,550 pigeons (9th against 7,617 pigeons)
4th Pommeroeul 934 pigeons
9th Hasselt 1,941 pigeons
12th Peronne 1,399 pigeons
22nd Venlo 1,881 pigeons

Grandfather: BE06-6148382 ‘Brother Peter’
Original Heremans-Ceusters, Vorselaar
Full brother to BE03-6192523‘Peter’, which won:
2nd National Ace Pigeon Ave Regiona 2003.
1st Quievrain 695 pigeons
3rd Quievrain 2,675 pigeons
7th Quievrain 3,392 pigeons
8th Quievrain 1,436 pigeons
9th Quievrain 2,866 pigeons
Full brother to BE04-6073624 ‘Wellens’, which won:
3rd National Ace Pigeon Speed Youngsters Ave Regina 2004
2nd National Ace Pigeon Speeld Yearlings Ave Regiona 2005
1st Quievrain 526 pigeons
1st Quievrain 272 pigeons
2nd Quievrain 1,446 pigeons
2nd Quievrain 264 pigeons
3rd Quievrain 3,882 pigeons
4th Quievrain 411 pigeons
‘Brother Peter’ is a son to BE99-6063949 x BE98-6121880.

Grandmother: NL07-1273900 ‘Dochter Jan’
Original Heremans-Ceusters, Vorselaar (as an egg)
Daughter to BE02-6113220 ‘Jan’, which won:
1st National Ace Pigeon Speed Youngsters Ave Regina 2002
2nd National Ace Pigeon Speed Yearlings Ave Regina 2003
2nd National Ace Pigeon Speed Old Pigeons Ave Regina 2004
1st Quievrain 1,214 pigeons
1st Quievrain 531 pigeons
1st Quievrain 341 pigeons
1st Quievrain 300 pigeons
1st Quievrain 214 pigeons
1st Quievrain 149 pigeons
‘Jan’ was mated to BE00-6141429 when he became father to NL07-1273900. ‘429’ Won 7 x 1:10 as a youngster and is mother to ‘Orléansdoffer’ of Willem de Bruijn (1st Orléans 5.414 pigeons / 2nd NPO 10,909 pigeons).