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3. NL08-1244534 Wounded Knee (cock)

NL08-1244534 Wounded Knee (cock) NL08-1244534 Wounded Knee (cock)
Start auction 04/12/2012 12:00:00
Auction end 15/12/2012 15:00:00
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NL08-1244534 ‘Wounded Knee’

Original Nico Pronk, Mill

Excellent racer. Came back wounded from La Souterraine in 2012 and his career was over.
5th Ace pigeon long distance (500-750 km) 2012
He won among others:
1st Peronne 275 pigeons
(2nd against 1,317 pigeons)
1st Epehy 381 pigeons
10th Châteauroux 1,190 pigeons
20th Epehy 2,001 pigeons

39th Argenton 1,005 pigeons
66th Tours 1,270 pigeons
72nd Pommeroeul 1,974 pigeons
74th Nanteuil le Haudouin 2,803 pigeons
76th Peronne 1,919 pigeons
118th Creil 4,707 pigeons
124th Nanteuil le Haudouin 4,013 pigeons
135th Nanteuil le Haudouin 4,522 pigeons
146th Mantes la Jolie 1,940 pigeons
148th Lessines 2,060 pigeons

Full brother to among others:
NL09-1974772 ‘The Pig’, which won a/o 1st Tessenderloo 1,840 pigeons
NL10-3056017: 1st Ace pigeon long distance 2012 (2nd of Federation CC Uden)
NL11-1472363: 1st Orléans 572 pigeons

Father: NL07-4077506 ‘Avalon’
Original Henri van Doorn, Den Dungen
Great breeder.

Grandfather: NL00-2460812
Original Ad Schaerlaeckens, Baarle-Nassau
Excellent breeder. Father to among others:
1st Ace pigeon M.F.C.
4th NPO Etampes 5,500 pigeons
1st Prov. Ace pigeon Zuiderkempen Oost-Brabant
1st Morlincourt 1,637 pigeons

Grandson to famous ‘Sissi’!

Grandmother: NL05-1595285 ‘Daughter 2nd Ace WHZB’
Daughter to NL99-4005903 ‘Armstrong’ (2nd Ace youngsters long distance) x NL99-4042756 (2nd Ace Nat. competition WHZB in 1999).

Mother: NL07-1513742 ‘Daughter Elfpenner’
Original Will & Falco Ebben, Beneden-Leeuwen
Great breeding hen.

Grandfather: NL01-1507048 ‘Elfpenner’
1st Ace Pigeon 1-Day long distance federation (260 members) 2005
5th National Ace Pigeon West European Nations cup Long Distance 2006
16th Ace Pigeon National Competition WHZB 2005
1st Orléans (511 km) 1,011 pigeons
(5th NPO against 6,731 pigeons)
16th NPO Vierzon against 3,328 pigeons
26th NPO Vierzon 3,648 pigeons

61st NPO Orléans 5,379 pigeons
95th NPO Bourges 9,956 pigeons

Elfpenner’ is a superbreeder! He became (grand)father to:
1st Isnes 7,352 pigeons
1st Pommeroeul 2.309 pigeons (2nd vs 20,129 pigeons)
1st Tessenderloo 1,850 pigeons
1st St. Quentin 1,350 pigeons
1st Epehy 1.131 pigeons
1st Sezanne 689 pigeons
1st Boxtel 640 pigeons
1st Duffel 622 pigeons
1st Tessenderloo 499 pigeons,
1st Ablis 439 pigeons
1st Morlincourt 356 pigeons
1st Meer 351 pigeons,
1st Peronne 276 pigeons
1st Creil 135 pigeons
1st Châteaudun 107 pigeons

And so on!
Father to ‘Elfpenner’ is a original Ad Schaerlaeckens-pigeon, mother is foundation mother ‘Suuske’.

Grandmother NL01-1506092 ‘Bourgesduivin’
Original Ton Ebben, Deest
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance O.V.P. in 2003
1st Bourges 757 pigeons
(16th NPO 9,956 pigeons)
1st Vierzon club

(80th NPO 4,483 pigeons)
1st Orléans club
(48th NPO vs 3,121 pigeons)
Father of ‘Bourgesduivin’ is bred by Ad Schaerlaeckens, Baarle-Nassau . Her mother is a 100% Ad Schaerlackens-pigeon.