Reports & News - Invitation Viewing Day 2018

Invitation Viewing Day 2018
Invitation Viewing Day 2018

February 23rd 2018, we organise a new viewing day / open door day, a little later than the previous years. We like to invite you to join us and experience this day with us. 

The regular visitors know what to expect, just for the record a small survey of all the activities on the 23rd of February:

This year 24 youngsters (born 2017) shall be offered for sale via

From March 9th until March 19th the auction shall be online. 
On the viewing day all pigeons can be handled and you are enabled to get a good impression of our pigeons.

This year we start a bit earlier, that is about 13.00. Logical consequence is the day will end around 20.00, also earlier than last year.

Furthermore you can meet ourselves and our partners. Amongst the activities:

- Meet & Greet Team-Koopman
- Niek Erents photography & film
- DHP, Bas Thiele
- PigeonPhotography
- Firm Beyers
- Viewing of the racing and breeding lofts
- Excellent Catering facilities

We would like to ask you to sign-up for the viewing day
You can do so by sending an e-mail to one of the following addresses:

Concerning the services offered by PigeonPhotography on the open door day, please register quickly as there is a limit to the number of pigeons to be photographed (to offer as many fanciers as possible the chance to meet PigeonPhotography) 
Ask for the price of making a professional photo of your favourite pigeon by contacting

Hopefully we meet the 23rd of February!

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7814 VB Ermerveen
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