Reports & News - Dreampigeons introduces Dreamcollection.

Dreampigeons introduces Dreamcollection.
Dreampigeons introduces Dreamcollection.


Dreampigeons - -  DREAMcollection.

At certain moments Dreampigeons will offer a limited number of performance pigeons under the collective name 'DREAMcollection'. These are real collector items that are more than worth it!

Pigeons that have performed incredibly or have proven good after-breeding. Each of them feel excellent in your hand.
Dreampigeons offers a unique opportunity to purchase one of these top pigeons from different lofts at prices that should be affordable for everyone.

To start with, there are already 2 off these auctions scheduled under the title 'DREAMcollection.The first one Tuesday 5/11/2019 and ends on Sunday 17/11/2019 at 14h00.

In these first 2 auctions we can find pigeons that are directly or offsprings from the following lofts: Batenburg-van de Merwe, Buyl, Van Elsacker-Jespen, Gaby Van Den Abeele, Lambrechts, Moens Wim, Brootcoorens Eric, Leo Hermans, Nouwen-Paesen etc.

So, visit in time so you won't miss this offer!


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