Reports & News - Marvelous year and the icing on the cake is the 1st acebird middle long distance Afd 11 2011 - Hatty and Adriaan Roest, Tijnje

Marvelous year and the icing on the cake is the 1st acebird middle long distance Afd 11 2011 - Hatty and Adriaan Roest, Tijnje
Marvelous year and the icing on the cake is the 1st acebird middle long distance Afd 11 2011 - Hatty and Adriaan Roest, Tijnje

The past season didn’t come easy on our birds. Heavy rains, a lot of postponed and even some cancelled races, not the kind of weather to await the pigeons in the backyard happily.
Nevertheless it was a year to remember, especially for father Hatty and son Adriaan Roest. Perhaps numerical their best years were 2006 and 2008, but when regarding this year circumstances, they were outstanding. In their province, Afdeling 11/Friesland ’96, one of the most striking characteristics the 2011-racing season was the low count of prize series. Most fanciers timed some early birds in, but no large numbers like clockwork. Yet, every week numerous early birds were timed in Tijnje, something the Roest-guys can be really proud of!

The Strain

Hatty Roest grew up in Eindhoven and he started his career in pigeon racing in his childhood years. It was 1978 when he moved to the Northern part of Holland, Friesland. It was also back then when he decided to seriously address the sport he loved so much. This in fact led to stunning results which drove other fanciers to madness, which led them to expel Hatty Roest from their combine. This backfired on Hatty so he decided to layback for a number of years. Blood is thicker than that, and in 1986 he was back on track. The first thing he did was paying the world-famous Janssen brothers a visit in Arendonk. After that first visit, Hatty bought several of the brothers’ foreknown pigeons to rebuild his loft, fourteen of them in went to Friesland. Then in 1993 the pigeons of Dik van de Berg from Tuk were brought in. Dik also owned a lot of birds with the Janssen-bloodlines and it fitted. So did the birds he brought in 1994 and some years after. Hatty went to Jos de Klak from Reusel too, to bring in some of this famous player. Than in 1995, the legendary NL95-1053706 was born, bred from a sire of Bennink (Janssen) and a dam which in turn was a very good flyer at Hatty’s loft. This dam was a real masterpiece which already flew fantastic results as a youngster and yearling, so she was moved to the breeding loft at the end of 1996. This decision was never regretted by Roest, because amongst her children were terrific flyers, but also grandchildren flew phenomenally and bred superb birds in turn. Her blood runs through the veins of most of his present-day birds. She’s his number one stock bird and also still very vital, being alive today and has reached the respectable age of 16 years! ‘’I still use her to welcome the first widownhoodcocks when they come home from a race and she still enjoys that very much!,’’ smiles Hatty.

At the start of the new millennium Hatty’s son Adriaan also fancied his father’s pigeons and he started his own loft in 2002, in competition with the Frisian youth. Finally in 2006 the father-son-partnership was formed.

Their almost pure Janssen-strain was injected with some fresh blood in 2001, when the first birds of Gerard & Bas Verkerk were brought in. Hatty: “We got children from ‘Olympic Ronaldo’, ‘Olympic  Survivor’ and ‘Olympic Sogno”. After that the last daughter of their own ‘Olympiade 06’ was brought back from Germany. They also bought a daughter of Will and Falco Ebbens’ ‘Roosje’ in 2009, two youngsters out of ‘Salinero’ crossed with the best breedingdam of Djoerd van de Veen. Another reinforcement was a fantastic red cock, son of ‘Olympic Samoerai’ owned by Nico Jan Koenders. And finally, ‘Bolletje’  came back to Tijnje, after her owner quit the sport, she won a 1st Maaseik against 2,132 birds.

1st Acebird middle-long distance Afdeling 11/Friesland ’96 in 2011

It was 2010 when they bought a round of youngsters out of the breeding loft of Will & Falco Ebben. Some of them were sent to the races in 2010 and 2011. With great success, because NL10-1404066 became the Acebird of the whole province of Friesland on the middle-long distance. Most of the Ebbens were crossed with their own birds, and again they hit the jackpot: NL11-1140499 (Ebben x Roest) won a first against 2,379 birds on the race from Den Bosch. She is bred from the nestsister of the earlier mentioned 066, the 065! The breedingloft of Roest is filled with topracers with an unbelievable number of prizes 1:100. Check it out at!

Championships 2011

Club, 24 racing lofts

  • 1st General old- and Youngbirds notnominated
  • 1st General old- and youngbirds nominated
  • 1st General old- and youngbirds till 500km notnominated
  • 1st General old- and youngbirds till 500km nominated
  • And some 1st Championships on the Short-,middle- and 1-day long distance

ACG 8, Federation, 115 racing lofts

  • 1st Shortdistance Notnominated
  • 5th Shortdistance Nominated
  • 1st Middledistance Notnominated
  • 3rd Middledistance Nominated
  • 2nd Dailylongdistance Notnominated
  • 3rd Dailylongdistance Nominated
  • 1st Oldbirds Notnominated
  • 2nd Oldbirds Nominated
  • 1st General old- and youngbirds notnominated
  • 2nd General old- and youngbirds nominated

Rayon Frisia East, 125 racing lofts

  • 3rd General old- and youngbirds notnominated
  • 1st General old- and youngbirds nominatednated
  • Keizer-Generaal Frisia East + West (notnominated & nominated together)
  • Afdeling 11/Friesland ’96 (Provincial, about 1,100 racing lofts)
  • 1st Acebird Middledistance with NL-2010-1404066
  • 2nd Oldbirds notnominated
  • 4th Old- and Youngbirds notnominated
  • 9th Old- and Youngbirds nominated

In 2011 they won 18 firsts on as many different races, they also won the following prizes in their section:

  • 1st Den Bosch (153 km) 2,509 birds
  • 1st Den Bosch 2,326 birds
  • 1st Den Bosch 2,379 birds
  • 1st Maaseik (217 km) 1,357 birds
  • 1st Pommeroeul (327 km) 2,046 birds
  • 1st St Quentin (402 km) 1,277 birds
  • 1st St Quentin 1,034 birds
  • 1st Sens (571 km) 843 birds

Best results 2011

  • 16-04, Den Bosch, 153 km, 2,201 birds: 1, 3, 15, 20 , 22 etc. (19 prizes /38 basketed).
  • 23-04, Boxtel, 167 km, 2,252 birds: 2, 8, 15, 28 etc. (17/38).
  • 30-04, Hasselt, 238 km, 2,142 birds: 2, 3, 5, 21 etc. (22/36)
  • 14-05, Boxtel, 167 km, 1,278 birds: 2, 9, 20, 33 etc. (14/22)
  • 28-05, Sens, 571 km, 753 birds: 1, 5, 22 etc. (8/15).
  • 04-06, Pommeroeul, 327 km, 1,741 birds: 5, 12, 19, 20 etc. (23/37)
  • 26-06, Orléans,  638 km, 1,046 birds: 2, 16, 29 etc. (8/15)
  • 16-07, St. Quentin, 402 km, 1,034 birds: 1, 8, 15, 41 etc. (16/26)
  • 20-08, St. Quentin j.d., 402 km,  1,277 birds: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 etc. (28/35)
  • 03-09, Boxtel, 167 km, 2,837 birds: 3, 5, 6, 7 etc. (44/70)
  • 10-09, Hasselt, 238 km, 2,037 birds: 9, 11, 12, 13 etc. (26/66)

Sale on DreamPigeons

There will be a sale on of Hatty and Adriaan Roests birds from 18 till 28 October. You’ll find children and grandchildren of their topbirds. Knowing that acebirds are bred from acebirds or their closest relatives, this is a quick road to success. Anyone can strengthen their breeding loft with them!

Further questions considering the sale can be forwarded to

Falco Ebben


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