Reports & News - The best all-rounders one can find - Martin de Poorter, Sluis

The best all-rounders one can find - Martin de Poorter, Sluis
The best all-rounders one can find - Martin de Poorter, Sluis

No more than two years ago Martin moved and most of his birds were sold back then. His competition reclined, it would probably take him years to climb back to the top. They were mistaken, within two years he was back in business, he was seriously back! He had kept all the 2009-youngsters and two rounds of youngsters of his old birds were in the new lofts, but it was an amazing comeback anyhow, within such a short period of time, his rivals didn’t have the time to relax. 

The yearlings showed their class, by winning the 2nd and 3rd NPO La Soutteraine in 2010. This year there were two real hard races with strong headwind and Martin’s birds were outstanding: 1st, 17ty, 16th, 19th, 55th Provincial Mantes la Jolie against 8,049 birds, but also the 2nd, 22nd, 51st Provincial Orléans against 6,036 birds.

The strain of Martin

Several youngsters from the big regional champions were bought by Martin in 2005 and 2006. Amongst them were three real topbirds:

  1. NL05-0510364 ‘Uno’  (direct H. Calon, Hoofdplaat)
    1st NPO Argenton 3,007 birds, 19th Provincial Mantes la Jolie 9,746 birds, 39th NPO Blois 3,780 birds and so on.
  2. NL06-1152249 ‘Superscheel’ (direct Scheele brothers, Terneuzen)
    Few of his best results were 1st Provincial Peronne 8,473 birds, 12th Provincial Pithiviers 4,524 birds, 16th Provincial Orléans 5,381 birds, 12th NPO Châteauroux 3,955 birds, 10th Provincial Peronne 3,720 birds, 22nd NPO La Souterraine 2,062 birds, 27th NPO Tours 4,331 birds, 55th Provincial Arras 9,414 birds.
  3. NL06-1142504 ‘’t Zwart Orléans’ (direct Paul de Poorter, Axel).
    Scored 41 prizes in 3 years time, amonst them the 5th NPO Orléans 3,354 birds, 71st Prov. Orléans 7,073 birds, 26th Prov. Châteaudun 5,318 birds, 44th Provincial Mantes la Jolie 9,746 birds

Two other topfanciers Martin went to for reinforcement were Piet van de Merwe from Dordrecht and Koen Minderhoud, Westkapelle.
Piet van de Merwe became a close friend to Martin, so after the first pigeons were bought, he also got some of them for free later on. He enriched his loft with youngsters of the famous bloodlines of Piet like the ‘500’, ‘Sofie’, ‘Femke’, ‘Blois doffer’ and many more.
With Koen Minderhoud children were bought from ‘Blauwe 522’, ‘Son Daniël 568’, ‘Acebird 933’, ‘NPO-duifje 226’, ‘Son Barney 784’, ‘Geschelpt 553 van ‘04’.

Double widowhood

Both cocks and hens enter the arena at Martins loft, in which they compete weekly, all season long. Only the very strong survive here, one dull moment means removed forever. There’s only one ultimate benchmark: on top of the list! They live life like a Spartan warrior and the yield of this system is greatly rewarding. In just a few years time a real team of Teutons is formed in Sluis! Not a single birds is spared, both sexes are basketed weekly. This hard system is already enforced upon the youngsters, Martin practices the darkening system, and after that they are on the road weekly. At first they are in the loft together, like in highschool, but when the big nationals begin, they are divided by the door and they are in real ‘Saturday Night fever’.
After weaning they are being raised as natural as possible, not even a treatment for canker before the first races start. The lame ducks are weeded out before they ever join Martin’s airforce. Eén month prior to the racing season, Martin visits his vet and when nescessary he will treat according to the doctors advice, which is rarely needed. The experience of the last few years shows it’s a lasting system, the resultsheet on the table and the low percentage of losses speaks for itself!.


There will be 6 youngters for sale out of Martin’s topteam on DreamPigeons. The duration of the sale is from 25 oktober till 5 november. Amongst them multiple youngsters of his fantastic warrior ‘Rauwdouwer’ (which means as much as slasher). On the 30th of july 2011 Martin basketed three of his birds for their first marathonrace of ZLU-Narbonne, which is over 900 km to his loft. They didn’t dissapoint him, they won two prizes! His first bird in being the NL09-3909367 ‘Rauwdouwer’, which arrived early in the morning at 8:13, finishing as 82nd National of 3,968 birds. Before that this slasher scored to following prices on the long distance races: 2nd Prov. Orléans in 2011, 24th NPO La Soutteraine in 2010 and 25th NPO Orléans in 2009!
There’s also something special in this auction, a child of NL09-3909427 alias ‘Black Label’ 2nd NPO La Souterraine 2,899 birds and 1st Provincial Mantes la Jolie 8,151 birds! Speaking of true warriors!

Falco Ebben


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