Reports & News - 1st Acepigeon Long Distance Friesland ’96 - Gert Jan Beute, Wilhelminaoord

1st Acepigeon Long Distance Friesland ’96 - Gert Jan Beute, Wilhelminaoord
1st Acepigeon Long Distance Friesland ’96 - Gert Jan Beute, Wilhelminaoord

At the end of the season, the announcement of the official champions is due. The same with the acepigeons, those outstanding birds everyone is anxious to own. In the Province of Friesland ’96 the owner of this number 1 long distance bird is the famous pigeonjudge and selector: Gert Jan Beute.
His name has been rising like a comet in the last couple of years, he’s a real pigeonceleb in Holland! He’s one of the few writers who is actually able to prove the principle of his writings in numerous articles. He’s a selector and pigeonjudge, and introduced the worldforknown  ‘Beute Test’ where pigeons are judged by their quality and not solely their exterior.

Lots of fanciers, as well from Holland as from the rest of the world, have found their way to his lofts in Wilhelminaoord. He is foreknown for his talent to pick out the right birds. Most people love him, some despise him, for he knows how to speak his mind. For a fact Gert Jan’s contribution to the sport is enormous and his advices have given his followers a jump start.

In 2010 many tipped him to be the best loft in Afdeling 11/Friesland ’96 and in that year the following championships were won:

  • 1st Provincial Acebird Friesland 
  • 1st Overall Provincial champion old birds Friesland 2010
  • 1st Overall Provincial champion fallseries Friesland 
  • 1st champion young birds Frisian long distance club notnominated 
  • 1st & 2nd Olympiad bird Cat. Old birds the Netherlands

And again the 2011-season was an exeptional year for Beute. He thought it would be hard to top his previous year, but the speedtrain was still running:

  • 2nd provincial Acebird short distance Friesland 
  • 1st provincial Acebird Long distance Friesland


That’s the name of this beautiful hen that became the first provincial acebird long distance. Her bandnumber is NL10-4223013, but in fact she’s a lucky 13! She was only a yearling in her first stunning year, played as a widowhood hen. Her parents were carefully mated by Gert Jan and the breedingplan succeeded, delivering Dalia as a result. Gert Jan has e specific schedule for his matings, for all of the birds in the breedingloft need to get a perfect score by manualinspection. When they are judged, the birds are graded from 5 till 9-. Every breeder in Wilhelminaoord has to at least score 8+, not a single imperfection is tolerated.

Besides this physical score, they need to have the ‘modern winnersblood’, no blasts from the ancient past in the pedigrees here. Is that all? No sir! At least one of the parents needs to possess an extra graded breeding-eye, which in practice means a gray (nearly anthracite) circle of adaptation on the pupil. The partner on the contrary will need to have a fine flying-eye, favorably an ‘evil look’ and of a lighter color than his or her mate. Every couple should be mated like this: white-eye versus yellow eye. Also muscles are a big issue for long distance birds. Gert Jan believes muscles need to vibrate when you lift the wing, there should be a little twitch or tone in the muscle.
Dalia’s father is the ‘Vechtmachine’ NL09-1652988, he is a new-generation topbreeder. His father is bred by Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, while his mother originates from Gerard Koopman. His bloodlines are marvelous, with Heremans-Ceusters  ‘Olympiade’ and Gerard Koopman’s Branco, Golden Lady, Magic Man and Annelies in his ancestry.

The dam is ‘Jia Li’ NL05-1916508, also top of the bill for breeding. She’s from the old Beute-lines: purely bred Janssen. Her father is ‘Royal Exposure’, full brother to ‘Super 063’ which was provincial acepigeon in 2002. Her mother is ‘Pole Position’, 1st acebird 2005, she won 11 prizecards on the longdistance races and she was basketed an equal amount of races!

From the exact sample couple 09-988 x 05-508 another hero has been bred in 2010, namely ‘Beute 556’ raced by Peter van de Merwe. Peter bought this bird at the sale of the Dutch Golden Classic, Gert Jan Beute promised Peter that she would win this Dutch Golden Classic (€ 4000,00) and in fact she did the very same! At present time she is Peter van de Merwes best yearling.
Dalia is one of the ‘Golden Twins’, for she has a magnificent sister too: NL10-4223012.

From the same father (09-988) another crack was bred, the 10-438 owned by Willem Heinhuis. He got an egg in march 2010 which grew up to be the 2nd NPO Pithiviers against 7,385 birds. Speaking of a winning familybloodline!

Dalia won 26th NPO Morlincourt against 3,138 birds (426 km) and 3rd Isnes 3,064 birds (280 km) as a youngster, within two week’s time. In her second year, she was basketed 14 times and won 11 prizecards. Amongst these prizes were 9 within the first 10 birds against an average of 404 competitors. In the combine ACG 8 she won on the 5 long distance races:

  • 1st Sens against 960 birds (14-05-2011), this was 55th NPO 9,941 duiven( 556 km)
  • 14th Sens 753 birds(28-05-2011), the 566th NPO 8,013 duiven( 556 km)
  • 2nd Pithiviers 759 birds(11-06-2011), also 10th NPO + Teletext 7385 birds 591 km 
  • 10th Orleans Saran 1046 birds (26-06-2011), 115th NPO 8,538 birds 626 km 
  • 5th Pithiviers 703 birds(09-07-2011), which was 37th NPO 6,511 birds591 km

There were other prizes too:

  • 09-04-2011 5th against 2.205 birds Wijchen (118 km) 
  • 07-05-2011 38th  against 2.037 Nivelles/Nijvel (282 km) 
  • 21-05-2011 24th Pommeroeul against 1.781 birds(316 km) 
  • 04-06-2011 16th Pommeroeul against 1.741 birds
  • 02-07-2011 43rd St. Quintin against 945 birds(390 km)

She was the provincial Acebird, but also the best overall-bird in the combine!


Breed only from the very best, strickt manualinspection, weekly races and keep only the very best. That is Gert Jan Beute’s life-slogan. Wouldn’t it be great if he could present Dalia ass the successor of his legendary ‘Missouri’s Girl’  on the Olympiad representing the Netherlands?


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