Reports & News - Real top-class pigeons for 100 till 700 km! - Ferry van Loo, Zutphen

Real top-class pigeons for 100 till 700 km! - Ferry van Loo, Zutphen
Real top-class pigeons for 100 till 700 km! - Ferry van Loo, Zutphen

Almost his entire life Ferry van Loo is fascinated by pigeons and pigeonsport. He was just a small boy when he was anxiously searching for information, especially on the best birds, their physics and breeders. When he was a teenager he visited the world-famous icon Maurice Delbar in Ronse, together with his father and pigeon professor Hannes van Osch, and of course they came home with some of his birds.

Belgian birds!

Those visits in his younger years must have been the fundament of his immense interest for the Belgian bird, knowing that small fanciers can only excel with the very best to get the best results Every word is being spelled in the Belgian magazines by Ferry, eager to know who has the best birds. He has his own archive on important details on the characteristics of the best birds and the best tricks in the book for pigeonsport. Most important factors in his opinion being the eye and the wing of a pigeon. This study has brought him great knowledge and the gift to put it in practice. His experience is used by him to build a strain of birds able to achieve the finest results on the races. His blasting series are his trademark, starting in the early eighties of the past century, and he is still on top as a result of his own effort and the quality of the strain he built with his own two hands.

Maurice Voets, Kessel, was one of those great cracks he visited and children and grandchildren of his famous ‘Witslap’ and the ‘Bourges” were brought home to Zutphen. Grandchildren of Louis Govaerts (Berlaar) ‘Oude Zwarte’’ were also obtained and at the lofts of Flor Vervoort, Hallaart, he took a sister of the marvellous breedinghen ‘Fieneke 5000’. Excellent birds also came from Poessenauw of Arnhem (Schaerlaeckens) and Van Mourik,Tricht, he mixed them with the Voets and Govaerts and it worked out just fine.

Many more top lofts were visited and as many birds soon disappeared, for they weren’t able to live up to Ferry’s expectations. Especially the birds from the strong Antwerp-combine were able to jump in the fire of the steaming competition in Zutphen and come out alive.

His hitlist

With only a small amount of birds Ferry was in the hitlist of the National and NPO races many many times:

1st NATIONAL BLOIS G.O.U.   2006 615 km.
1st N.P.O. PERONNE north 2009 340 km.
2nd N.P.O BOURGES north 2010 635 km
2nd NATIONAL BLOIS G.O.U. 2007 615 km.
2nd NATIONAL CHANTILLY 2005 420 km.
3rd N.P.O. ORLEANS 2006 567 km.
3rd N.P.O. ORLEANS north 2007 567 km
3rd NATIONAAL FRANKFURT 2009 570 km.
4th N.P.O. CHATEAUROUX 2008 675 km.
4th N.P.O. BOURGES 2011 635 km
6th N.P.O. ORLEANS north 2007 567 km.
6th N.P.O. BOURGES 2011 635 km
7th NATIONAAL BLOIS G.O.U. 2006 615 km
7th N.P.O. BOURGES 2006 635 km
7th Provincial BLOIS 2009 615 km
8th Provincial BLOIS 2009 615 km
8th NATIONAL TROYES 2003 490 km
9th AFD..NANT LA JOLIE north 2009 470 km.
9th NAT. BLOIS G.O.U. 2011 615 km
10th N.P.O. BOURGES north 2006 630 km.

Not only these exciting results on the NPO-one day races were won, also many championships came to Zutphen, one of the most special being of course the 1st National loft on the long distance of the NPO in 2006.


These wonderful birds also showed their enormous potential on numerous other lofts. What to think of the fantastic ‘Pigem’, a miracle on wings out of Van Loo’s birds owned by Marcel Sangers, Eefde, or Henk Janssen from Holten, Marco Klein Falckenborg of Beltrum… but also the National champion on the one-day races in 2010Berth Knaven of Didam, (his 1st NPO Pithiviers 2010 was bred out of one of Ferry’s birds), Alphons Eykelkamp, Vorden (4 x 1st NPO with birds of Ferry!), Bleeker of St. Pancras, V.d Linden of Coevorden, Combinatie Huisman-Kasperink, the Olympiadbird owned by Chicheanu & Paul Rusu (Romenia) is bred out of two direct birds originating in Ferry’s loft, Hatty Roest, John van Heel and many many more. Check out his website to learn more on Ferry’s strain


Starting the 6th of December, DreamPigeons offers a unique lot of birds bred by Ferry van Loo. At first ten youngsters were to be sold, but now it has become a partial sale of all of his birds. Ferry has planned a sabbatical for a few years and will offer his topflyers! This is a unique opportunity to buy one of his real aces, birds you cannot buy normally:

  • NL09-1904422 ‘Blue Winner’
    1st NPO Peronne 7.459 p
    2nd Pommeroeul 1.699 p
    22nd NPO Orléans 2.332 p
  • NL07-1397458 ‘Young Jack’
    20th NPO Bourges 3,561 p
    20th NPO Châteauroux 2,397 p
    65th NPO Orléans 7.332 p
    68th NPO Châteaudun 3.675 p
  • NL06-2166215 ‘Joker’
    3rd Nationaal Frankfurt a.d. Oder 2.274 p
    35th NPO Châteauroux 3.046 p
  • NL07-1445385 ‘Sterke Harrie’
    4rd NPO Châteauroux 2,407 p
    20th Nat. Blois Afd. 8/GOU 4,229 p
    33th Nat. Blois Afd. 8/GOU 2,998 p
    34th Nat. Blois Afd. 8/GOU 3,466 p
    51th Nat. Blois Afd. 8/GOU 4,212 p
    79th NPO Châteaudun 5.000 p
  • NL08-1174485 ‘Blue Fire’
    16th Morlincourt 5.785 p
    21th Pommeroeul 6.824 p
    27th NPO Orléans 2.584 p
    43th Pommeroeul 7.262 p
    41st NPO Blois 2,998 p
    71st NPO Bourges 3.561 p
    78th Morlincourt 5.187 p
  • NL09-1904428 ‘Young Ace’
    1st Asduif jong SFG 2008
    12th NPO Orléans 4.626 p
    12th Breuil le Vert 917 p
    19th Nijvel 1.647 p
    56th Morlincourt 5.785 p
  • NL09-1904450 ‘Black Dancer’
    9th NPO Blois 2.998 p
    15th NPO Bourges 3.561 p
    2nd Pommeroeul 1.518 p
    5th Bourges 1.667 p
    53th Blois 1.943 p
  • NL10-1275109 ‘Strong Swinger’
    4th NPO Bourges 2.975 p
    43rd Pommeroeul 1.739 p
    72nd Morlincourt 5.785 p
  • NL10-1275135 ‘Promise’
    13th NPO Châteauroux 2.397 p
    9th Pommeroeul 1.666 p
    19th Morlincourt 5.785 p

Not just these acecocks are for sale, also some widowhood hens which are sisters to these excellent cocks but haven’t been raced. Finally some 2011 youngsters are being offered, a real exclusive sale of Ferry’s famous strain!
Falco Ebben

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