Reports & News - Treasure keeper of the world-famous Janssenbreed: Eppe Bodde

Treasure keeper of the world-famous Janssenbreed: Eppe Bodde
Treasure keeper of the world-famous Janssenbreed: Eppe Bodde

In earlier days, not even that long ago, no-one in the world was making topresults on short and middle long distance without offspring of the famous brothers of Arendonk. If you were the only one around with these speedy Janssen-birds, for sure you were top of the bill in your area.

Nowadays this certainty has faded, it seems like the new standard is ‘fancy breeds’. The good bloodlines have spread more equally over the population of fanciers. In present day pigeon sport most fanciers have exchanged their ‘pure’ breeds of the early days with the crossings of a variety of winners’ blood. The overall quality-level has improved immensely over recent decennia.

There’s still a small number of fanciers that cherishes the original Janssenbreed, in honour of their physical appearance, for the sake of nostalgia or because this inbred strain is ideal for crossing. On the other hand it is still possible to obtain good results in racing, because that is still possible too! Not with birds recently purchased in Arendonk (although this seems to be an incidental possibility), but with offspring of the pure strain. Mostly they are bred in for example Reusel or IJzendoorn, but also in the North of Holland: in Winschoten at the loft of Eppe Bodde. Not only is the main bloodline in his loft the pure Janssen-pigeon, but they also still bring him his biggest successes. And that is true for decennia now. He is known for his good birds; he was at the top in the North of Holland already 30 years ago and still is (Gert-Jan Beute and his father bought some basic birds in the eighties).

Eppe in 1972 with Jos de Klak, the start of the victory!

In 2011 eight first prizes were won and he became 10th not-nominated short distance, 4th nominated middle long distance and 2nd not-nominated on the long distance races provincial in region 4. On 28th of may he was on Teletext on Troyes and this was achieved again on the 4th of June on Nijvel.


The most precious pure Janssen bird on Eppe’s loft today is his sweetheart ‘Olympic Niki’. This late youngster of 2004 carries an old bandnumber, which is NL01-1037400. He was raced as early as 2005 and he already won a first on his debut! The rest of the year he wasn’t that consistent, but in 2007 and 2008 ‘Niki’ just missed on three races and on average was hitting 1:10 and 1:100 prizes every race. His total track record is 48 races winning 37 prizes, amongst them 30 times 1:10 and 15 times  1:100. He won 5 x 1st and  4 x 2nd. He was on the Olympiad in 2010 and 3rd Beste Cock in the prestigious competition WHZB in 2009.

His best results (of course no doubles):
1st Wijchen 3.223 birds
7st Zutphen 19.609 birds
2st Lessines 2.701 birds
12th Arras 8.642 birds
2nd Boxtel 1.242 birds
2nd Boxtel 1.132 birds
4th Gennep 1.874 birds
7th Zutphen 3.197 birds
4th Hasselt 1.490 birds
2nd Zutphen 572 birds
12th Gennep 3.134 birds
1st Zutphen 174 birds
66th Rekkem 9.081 birds
3rd Duffel 336 birds
7th Duffel 761 birds
And so on.

Both father and mother of ‘Olympic Nikki’ originate from the sub loft of Jos de Klak, namely Arie van Beek from IIzendoorn. Considering his results ‘Niki’ he seems to be following the footsteps of his illoustrous ancester ‘613’ of the Klak, of which he is a multiple descendant. His father is NL03-2117775, which is bred from two pure Klakbirds. His grandfather is NL97-1141347 ‘Son Knook’, a halfbrother of the legendary ‘613’.

Is there anyone in the pigeonworld who doesn’t recognize the ‘613’? Because ‘Niki’ is a close relative, we will freshen up your memory. ‘613’ won:

  • 3 x 1st acebird Reusel
  • 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 6th provincial acepigeon middle long distance Oost-Brabant section 1
  • 1st acepigeon Southern Netherlands Association (ZNB)

His best results:

  • 1st Chantilly 2.654 birds
  • 1st Creil 1.029 birds
  • 1st Chantilly 506 birds (2e of 1.081 birds MFC)
  • 1st Orléans 451 birds (2e of 1.189 birds MFC)
  • 2nd Chantilly 2.200 birds
  • 2nd Chantilly 1.270 birds (5e van 2.432 birds MFC)
  • 3rd Orléans 382 birds (5e van 991 birds MFC)
  • 3rd Chantilly 513 birds (8e van 1.186 birds MFC)
  • 4th Chantilly 2.502 birds
  • 4th St. Ghislain 1.416 birds

NL97-1141347 ‘Son Knook’ was paired to NL02-1921141 ‘Daughter 85 bird’ and in turn she is a halfsister (through her mothers side ) of the famous ‘613’!
‘Olympic Niki’s mother is banded with NL03-2117780 and is also bred by the ‘Klak of IJzendoorn’.  Her father is NL01-2189215 (son to  ‘Kras 128 of 1997’ which is an great grandson of ‘613’) x NL02-1921136 ‘granddaughter 613’ (bred from NL98-1540080 ‘Blue Whiteflight of 613’ x NL95-9581698 ‘Daughter Goeie’


Besides  ‘Olympic Niki’ there are many more pure Klakbirds on Eppe Bodde’s loft. An example is NL06-1510944. This ‘44’ has raced an impressing tracklist and will now be sold on DreamPigeons. He was:
2nd Acebird PV De Trouwe Duif in 2008
4th acebird section 4 of the province (Afdeling 10) in 2008
14th provincial Acebird Afdeling 10/Noord-Oost Nederland in 2008
‘De 44’ won 42 prizes 1:4 on 60 races, amongst them 24 prizes 1:10. A selection:
1st Lommel 600 birds
2nd Gennep 2.749 birds
2nd Pommeroeul 263 birds
13th Gennep 3.134 birds
76th Rekkem 9.081 birds
2nd Pommeroeul 229 birds
188th Zutphen 19.609 birds

The other birds in the sale are also worthwile. What to think of 4 (!) children of this marvelous Olympiadpigeon ‘Olympic Niki’ in this auction. Two are bred from ‘Niki’ paired to ‘Copper Lady’ bred by Jan Kaman from Zaandam (‘Copper Lady’ was Hollands best hen WHZB in 2006 and won 7 x 1st) and two children with him paired to ‘Troyes Duif’ (a.o. 5th  NPO Troyes 2.439 birds, 100% Janssen-Klak). Eppe also offers a full brother and sister of ‘Olympic Niki’ and for dessert there’s two 100% Janssenbirds born in 2011 originating form the best bloodlines.

Falco Ebben


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