Reports & News - Overall champion of Amsterdam for seven years in a row - Hennie La Grouw, Amsterdam

Overall champion of Amsterdam for seven years in a row - Hennie La Grouw, Amsterdam
Overall champion of Amsterdam for seven years in a row - Hennie La Grouw, Amsterdam

If there is one region in the Netherlands where the “overall-championship” is still the ultimate challenge, then it must be the Amsterdam-district. In most other regions specialisation is the magic word nowadays, in order to create more leisure time, cut costs, spare the family members or to achieve the one goal. In Amsterdam there are still many lofts with only one goal: to sparkle from the very first till the last race in season.

The phenomenon on this discipline is last year’s overall champion not-nominated Hennie la Grouw. Like a real hussar, he claimed this title for the seventh year in a row! Ever since WWII no one ever made this happen. Before 1945 it was only the legendary Johan Hornstra who did the very same. Hennie therefore is an illustrious successor to this legendary fancier.

Was it a piece of cake then for La Grouw? No way! His closest friend Dave van Zon was in the lead for the largest part of the racing season. It was just after the fifth race for youngsters that Hennie came alongside and beat him finally. There were some other hot shots to reckon first, because the no#2 till 10 were in descending order Dave van Zon, Fanger brothers, Cees van Lammeren, Jaap Könst, Beekman Tilmans-partnership, Jan Schutte and Son, Dick Meerman, Willem Klaverstijn Jr. and Tump partnership.

Some other highlights of the 2011 season were: Overall champion Fondclub North-Holland, and there were some seven new Teletextbrids (5 in 2010) and so on.

Verbree x Van Loon

The first successes of Hennie were with the pure Janssen birds, bred by Wegman and Offerman of Haarlem. Just superior birds on the short distance races (under 300 km). In 1995 La Grouw senior bought Hennie ten birds straight from the loft of grandmaster Louis van Loon as a gift. Hennie picked them out of 80 youngsters in the legendary loft in Poppel. He chose five cocks and five hens and later on found out that all of them were descendants of his stockcock ‘Blauwe van 84’. Louis van Loon adviced to cross these strongly related pigeons. But Hennie had already paired his new purchases. One of his very best pairs consisted of the cock with bandnumber B95-6316558 (from BE87-6616480 x BE90-6719278) x BE95-6316545 (from BE93-6434007 x BE94-6434055). No less than 10 children won firsts in large competition. In 1997 he started basketing them on the long distance races and at the same time he started searching for stronger birds to cross with the Van Loons. He found these birds in Putten, with father and son Verbree. From every topracer children went into the breeding loft of Hennie’s father, which is also situated in Putten.

Hennie got youngsters of  ‘Ultra koppel’,  NL97-5774230 ‘Olypic Orlando’ (Best allroundpigeon of the Netherlands in 2001), NL97-2524534 ‘Olympic Zigo’ (2nd NL Olympiad bird middle long distance 2001), ‘Amoral’ (1st St. Quentin 3.479 birds and 1st Orleans 1.929 birds) and so on.  Especially the ones originating from the ‘Ultra pair’ hit it of wonderfully.

And on other lofts

Of course Hennie regularly buys himself some new pigeons, but up until today the best results are achieved by the pigeons descending from the Verbrees and Van Loons. His inbred-colony is also a rich well for other lofts to drink off. The best known example are the Fanger-brothers of Badhoevedorp. In 2005 brothers Frans and Hanny bought themselves nestmates NL05-1195001 and NL05-1195002, two cocks and both superbreeders. They were bred from NL01-1653322 ‘Son Van Loon Supercouple’ x NL03-1983132 ‘Melanie’ (1st Bourges NPO 6.627 birds, 2nd Blois NPO 5.971 birds, 8th NPO Tours 5.390 birds)

NL05-1195001 became father to:

  • NL07-5712256 ‘Youri’:
    1st NPO Châteauroux 6.009 birds (+ carprize)
    8th NPO Orléans 5.146 birds
  • NL07-5712255 ‘Noa’:
    2nd NPO Châteauroux 6.009 birds (beaten by his nestling)
    14th NPO Blois 8.803 birds
  • NL08-5808629 ‘Ace Devil’:
    1st National acebird long distance NPO 2009
    3rd NPO Châteauroux 6.009 birds
    3rd NPO Blois 8.803 birds
    4th NPO Bourges 6.798 birds

NL05-1195002 became father to:

  • NL08-5808677 ‘Isabel’
    The best Dutch pigeon over a period of three years:
    4th Best hen National competition WHZB 2011
    6th Best acebird National competition WHZB 2011
    9th Best allroundbird National competition TBOTB 2011
    3rd National acebird short distance NPO 2010
    2nd Ace old birds National competition WHZB 2009
    12th Best hen National competition WHZB 2009
    1st Strombeek 4.471 birds
    2nd NPO Tours 6.565 birds
  • NL08-5808626 ‘Romy’
    7th Best hen National competition WHZB 2009
    2e National Blois Sector 2.999 birds
    2e Morlincourt 16.454 birds
    3e National Ablis Sector 3.688 birds
    13e NPO Bourges 7.640 birds
    28e NPO Blois 5.533 birds


There are 9 supreme birds of Hennie in this auction on DreamPigeons, all of them related to his best birds. Amongst them:

  • Daughter of his ‘Falco’
    1st NPO and 1st Nat. Acebird
  • Daughter of NL02-1182549 (superb breeder and father to Melanie with  1, 2 and 8 NPO and  also to Olympiadbird Anneke with also a 1st NPO)
  • Granddaughter to the Van Loon Supercouple
    And so on...

Falco Ebben
(special thanks to Michel Beekman)


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