Reports & News - The ’Klak of IJzendoorn’ reigns supreme on the long distance races in 2011! - Arie van Beek

The ’Klak of IJzendoorn’ reigns supreme on the long distance races in 2011! - Arie van Beek
The ’Klak of IJzendoorn’ reigns supreme on the long distance races in 2011! - Arie van Beek

Arie van Beek of IJzendoorn, also known as ‘De Klak van IJzendoorn’, he was the scourge of his competitors on the long distance races in Region 3 of Afdeling 8/GOU. Almost every race he was amongst the top dogs:

  • 28 may, Orléans (513 km), 2.664 birds, 12 basketed/9 prizes:  30, 48, 106, 113, 180 etc.
  • 11 June, Châteaudun (520 km), 2082 birds, 10 basketed/5 prizes: 49, 72, 159 etc.
  • 26 June, Blois (567 km), 1.679 birds, 12 basketed/3 prizes: 6, 46 etc.
  • 9 July, Bourges (581 km) , 1.498 birds, 10 basketed/6 prizes: 1, 41 etc.
  • 24 July, Châteauroux (630 km), 1.094 birds, 10 basketed/6 prizes: 2, 82, 109 etc.

These standings made him champion of the combine (± 600 lofts) not nominated. Arie also became 4th champion nominated and owns the 8th acebird in Region 3 with NL08-1269807 and 16th acebird with NL07-5709402.
Provincial in Afdeling 8/GOU (± 3.800 lofts) he finished as the 4th loft not nominated and 12th nominated.

The strain

All pigeon fanciers know Arie van Beek. His name is mentioned in the same breath as his great friend and tutor the late Jos van Limpt ‘De Klak’. Ever since the seventies, all of his pigeons descend from the offspring of De Klak.  Arie is most likely to be the only fancier in the 21st century who is still successfully competing in the races with the pure strain of Janssen/Klakpigeons.

In 2005 all Aries’ birds were sold. This decision was made back then for several reasons. One of them being the death of his best friend, the legendary Klak of Reusel.  In the meantime also his friend and loft manager Henk Timmer passed away the same year. Arie was also suffering from a viral infection which hadn’t been diagnosed yet. So he made the tough decision and all of his birds were sold. In this sale, which brought up a small fortune, were some 80 direct descendants of his friend of Reusel. Arie owned more ‘Klaks’ then the master himself owned pigeons!
A lift without racing pigeons fell hard on him and meanwhile his physical condition improved. In less than a year there were birds in his lofts again. Of course all of the legendary bloodlines of the ‘Klak’. All of them were bred by him and he got or bought them back, he wouldn’t bear any others. His experience with the strain made him the unique judge to what pigeons should be brought back from his own colony. He focused on the lines of the ‘613’ of Jos de Klak and his own ‘Bomber’ (twice acebird Region 3 with over 800 members in those days, he won 6 x 1st and 6 x 2nd ), ‘Blauwe Jos 69’ (1st provincial acebird long distance Afdeling 8/GOU, 2nd International acebird WENC), ‘Kras 621’(1st  Acebird long distance Afdeling 8/GOU, 6th National Acebird long distance), ‘Reimsduivin’ (1st NPO Reims 26.358 birds), ‘De Peronne’ (1st NPO Peronne 36.550 birds), ‘Kras 310’ (9th National acebird long distance, wins 4 x 1st ) and ‘Superpair’ (parents to several acebirds and 1st prizewinners in large combine).
He got back the father of ‘Kras 310’ from his friend Engel van Ewijk, Will and Falco Ebben gave back the father of their stunning hen ‘Roosje’, which was a son of the legendary ‘Blauwe Jos 69’. ‘Roosje’ won six firsts for the Ebbens in large combine, amongst them a 1st NPO La Ferte Bernard (south) against 5.503 birds.
Henk van Limpt – De Prut turned up at Arie’s front door one day with all of his direct-Van Beek’s. He had bred enough offspring from them and wished for Arie to be back on track soon. Also neighbor Henk van Zomeren, who had collected several birds from Arie in the past years, returned the favor when called upon by Arie. Last but not least we may not forget the help Arie got from his friend Henk Derksen from Borculo.
Therefore the ‘Klak of IJzendoorn’ was back on track in no time. He already was champion with the youngsters in Region 3 in the year of his return (2006). He was again the fancier to take into account from day one again, although some people predicted that he would fail anyhow. The word was that his pure Klak-pigeons were fine after the first ten years, but the times they were changing right….
After some more records on Teletext and excellent results the validation that the pure Klak’s are still good to go has been due in 2011. It’s simply tough as hell to win the long distance championship in Region 3 of the biggest competition of Holland: Afdeling 8/GOU!
Even better?
Arie is aware of the fact that his pigeons would probably top their present day results if he would use some fresh bloodlines every now and then for crossing. But he is also a huge fan of beautiful birds and you won’t find any prettier birds than the wonderful Klak’s. He’s also very proud of the fact that he still owns a pure strain of Klakpigeons. Arie’s Klakpigeons are of an exceptional standard, with a beautiful physical appearance, silk like feathering, muscular excellence and great wings. Still in present day they are hard to beat too, especially on the long distance races they appear in the frontline time after time. You won’t find them purer and better of strain with exceptional racing abilities. Meanwhile also other fanciers benefit from his unique stock. Years and years of inbreeding and harsh selection on results and appearance, are a guarantee for breeding. It’s nice to be the top dog yourself, but Arie can also enjoy the results of others with his birds. It’s proof of the bird’s value over the skills of the fancier!


On the very moment of his newfound glory, Arie encountered some severe misfortune. On the 26th of October Arie went to the Canisius-hospital to undergo a surgical operation for a condition that seemed to be a hernia, but eventually developed into an incomplete SCI. He had to stay in the medical rehabilitation in Utrecht where he is still under treatment today. Therefore he’s unable to look after his own pigeons and can hardly walk, not without a walker that is. These events consummated in a very short period of time and he and his wife Greet aren’t ready yet to completely leave the racing pigeon sport, which has been a big part of their life for such a long time. On the other hand it’s obvious that Arie’s medical condition makes it necessary to act immediately.  Therefore they have decided to keep the birds born in 2004 (he cannot guarantee fertility) and before, and the youngsters of last year. Greet will take care of these birds and their hopes and prayers or for Arie’s health, perhaps a small miracle can bring him back?

No need to state that this sale contains a unique set of pigeons. For example their sweetheart NL07-1544651 ‘De Châteauroux’. This fantastic cock won a 1st NPO Châteauroux 5.496 birds in 2008 and was also the fastest of all Dutch birds released that 20th of July in Châteauroux (21.967!). Two weeks earlier he already showed himself with a 29th NPO Bourges against 3.328 birds. He was just a yearling back then!

Also in this auction NL07-5709455 ‘Blauwe Jos 2’, he wins 1st Morlincourt 1.148 birds, 1st Strombeek 387 birds, 1st Moeskroen/Menen 110 birds and more. He was basketed  44 times and won 33 prizecards, 19 of them in the first 10%. Then there’s NL08-1269807, a very special pigeon named ‘De Bourges’. He was 2nd acebird long distance combine 2, Region 3 in 2011 and wins 1st Bourges 1.498 birds (6th NPO against 2.908 birds). Three more Teletekst birds are for sale! All of them unique material, little brilliants in hand.

Falco Ebben


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