Reports & News - Cees and Maurice Everling have chosen for DreamPigeons!

Cees and Maurice Everling have chosen for DreamPigeons!
Cees and Maurice Everling have chosen for DreamPigeons!

We are delighted to inform you that we’ve come to an agreement with the very succesfull father-sonpartnership Cees and Maurice Everling of Gouda to auction a some of their selected stock on DreamPigeons.

This partnership is foreknown mainly as being very close friends to Willem de Bruijn, ‘Mr. WHZB’, who spends quite a lot of hours with Cees visiting all kinds of Belgian topfanciers. Their method of flying is actually a copy of Willem’s.

Apart from birds originating from De Bruijn these hotshots from Gouda are also very content with pigeons they got from Gaston van de Wouwer and Maurice Hasendonckx.

Ever since 2006 they are rushing their way to the top of pigeonsport and no later than 2008 they were already feared by the championfanciers in the strong combine Gouwe-IJssel, where they are competing against fanciers like Willem de Bruijn, Gerard and Bas Verkerk and the Van de Heuvel-brothers who are smashing competition.

In 2010 they became 1st acebird middle long distance and youngsters in the strong Section East of Afdeling 5. Besides that several fantastic prizes were won, for instance a 1st NPO Nanteuil le Haudouin against 22.332 birds and they represented the Netherlands on the Olympiad of Poznan with their ‘Olympic Sharon’ in 2010.

They arranged a very special lot of topclassbirds for DreamPigeons. We will offer you two children of ‘Olympic Sharon’ and there will also be two brothers and/or sisters of this 1st NPO Nanteuil le Haudouin for sale.

This auction of Cees and Maurice’s best will start the 15th of oktober and lasts till Saturday 27th of oktober.

To make you hungry for these birds, we finish with some of their best results in 2012 (till date 8th of june):

  • Nijvel, 294 birds, 30 entered, 14 prizes: 1-2-4-5-9-11 and so on.
    SS Gouwe/IJssel, 6.019 birds, 30 entered, 19 prizes: 8-10-46-49 and so on.
  • Nanteuil, 283 birds, 30 entered, 12 prize: 1-2-3-4-5-6-8 and so on.
    SS Gouwe/IJssel, 5.119 birds, 30 entered, 18 prizes: 18-24-39-48-52-53 and so on.
  • Bourges, 116 birds, 19 entered, 11 prize: 1-2-8 and so on.
    SS Gouwe/IJssel, 2.021 birds, 19 entered, 8 prize: 6-8 and so on.
    Afdeling 5 Totaal, 13.592 birds, 19 entered, 11 prize: 18-24 and so on.
  • Mantes la Jolie, 156 birds, 24 entered, 11 prize: 1-4-5-6-7-8-12 and so on.
    SS Gouwe/IJssel, 3.292 birds, 24 entered, 17 prize: 4-62-65-70-71-72 and so on.
    Afd.5 section East, 10.446 birds, starting with the 4th prize and 19 prices, 24 birds entered (also 4th against 20.506 birds)

They won 6 firsts so far this year in their strong club.

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