Reports & News - Will and Falco Ebben win 1st NPO Blois against 3.582 birds

Will and Falco Ebben win 1st NPO Blois against 3.582 birds
Will and Falco Ebben win 1st NPO Blois against 3.582 birds

Also in 2012 it is still possible for small lofts to successfully compete with the mass-basketers, this fact was proven by the uncle-nephew partnership of Will & Falco Ebben on the 23rd of June. Their sixth victory on an NPO-race was won by ‘Famke’, a branch from their succefull ‘Roosje’ (NL03-20835160-tree, who’s won six firsts in large combine from 20014 and onward.

These victories were already noted in Beneden-Leeuwen so far:

  • 1st and 2nd NPO La Ferte Bernard against 5.503 birds (2004)
  • 1st NPO Freiburg against 3.790 birds (2007)
  • 1st and 2nd NPO Morlincourt against 16.971 birds (2008)
  • 1st NPO Châteaudun against 9.959 birds (2009)
  • 1st National Blois (Afdeling 8) against 7.917 birds (2009)
  • 1st NPO Blois against 3.939 birds (2012)

This supreme winning hen is a daughter to NL07-5707949 ‘Canon’ (Schaerlaeckens x Klak-Van Beek), which was classified twice in the top-50 if (Inter) national ace pigeons on the long-distance races and who’s halfbrother to NL07-1513702 ‘Conan’ (1st NPO Châteaudun 9.959 birds). ‘Famke’s’ mother is NL05-1070138 ‘Aliyah’ (Klak-Janssen, Koenders), she won four firsts and is halfsister to 1st NPO Freiburg 3.790 birds. Father to ‘Aliyah’ is also halfbrother to the before mentioned ‘Roosje’ winning 1st NPO La Ferte Bernard 5.503 birds, a true family of winners.

To view her pedigree, click here.

Will and Falco have their pigeons homing for a loft of only 6 meters. Here all racers are housed, youngsters as well as old birds. They race some 20 youngsters and 12 pairs of old birds on the total widowhood-system. That is an astonishing small number of birds in 2012 where dozens of lofts in Holland are throwing in some 100 or 200 birds every race.

Their lofmanagement is quite simple: grit (!), a good quality mixture with large variety of seeds and grains, some nutritious oil containing minerals or condition powder every now and then, sometimes a little Blitzform is added to the drinking water. Every weekend the racers get a box full of all kinds of goodies: eggfeed, vitalith, oatmeal, minerals, picking stone, small seeds and so on, there’s nothing more to it. After all, the pigeons have to do the job and the combination from Leeuwen is trying to obtain better results by means of harsh selection. Every old bird which is unable to make 8 prizes out of 10 races, with none in the first 1% of the resultsheet is bidded a sweet farewell. On the other hand, birds which make several results in the first 1% are granted some more time, because they have got what it takes to win.

Of course there’s the essence of exercise, which is obligatory to obtain good results. Therefore the racers have to fly fast for over an hour. Pigeons only drifting in circles around the loft won’t come home early enough. At the Ebben’s loft the flag is handled, from a very young age the birds know that when the flag is up in the air, they need to be active too. It’s a simple act of conditioning, when it is removed they can enter the loft again.

There’s no medication whatsoever unless the vet has told them it’s nessecary. Last time interference was needed for the old birds was march of 2009, youngsters tend to be infected more easily. They have stopped the preventive cures altogether. Ever since they have ceased doing so, their birds hardly ever show any illness. The only regularly surfacing minor-condition is the yearly returning infection by E.coli, although it hardly ever causes trouble for it appears long before the first races. Also E.coli is not treated with medication, just a day of fasting and after that a few days of  very high digestible feed and...normally they’re fine again within a week. It’s important that pigeons can build their own immunity to get rid of most germs, instead of injecting buckshot of antibiotics every now and then which will only weaken the loft severely.

‘Famke’ will be basketed soon again. She’s shown before that she can home early, and here bloodlines are stacked with winners too....perhaps she can top this result in the future?


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