Reports & News - Mr. Positivo Gert-Jan Beute wins 1st NPO Orléans Afdeling 11 against 5.965 birds

Mr. Positivo Gert-Jan Beute wins 1st NPO Orléans Afdeling 11 against 5.965 birds
Mr. Positivo Gert-Jan Beute wins 1st NPO Orléans Afdeling 11 against 5.965 birds

Last Saturday the NPO-race from Orleans was listed on the calender for the Federation Afdeling 11/Friesland’96. A little under 6000 birds were released at 7 o’clock and the First bird in was home at 13.19.50 at the lofts of Gert-Jan Beute of Wilhelminaoord. He was also winner of Sens in the third zone of the Northern Union two weeks ago on the race from Sens.

His NL11-1341381 named ‘Edith-E’ registered an average speed of 1647,487 meters a minute which turned out to be fast enough to top the Federation, the second bird was timed in 12 meters/minute later. Gert Jan had sent in 20 birds for this race and 13 of them are on the resultsheet.

The winner is a hen directly from the breedinglofts of Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp, she’s a granddaughter to the worldfamouse ‘Euro’ of Leo Heremans, which was then paired to the best hen of the Netherlands 2006 ‘Copper Lady’ owned by  Jan and Joke Kaman. Father to ‘Edith-E’ ( where E stands for Eijerkamp) originates from the loft of Leo Heremans and is bred from ‘Broer Blauwe As’ x ‘Malou’.

Gert Jan: ‘This Edith-E is a wonderful bird when judged by hand, but not a true 100% long distance racingtype. Her muscles are of the fast type, mostly short and situated close to the keel. When there would have been a strong headwind with 10 or more hours on the wing, I wouldn’t have basketed her on this Orleans which is 625 km. Normally (there are always exceptions), these birds are able to perform on fullspeed for some 5 till 7 hours, but after that they capitulate.’

Only 20 birds were selected for Orléans: ‘The reason was that we stood 5th Over-all preliminary championships in the Federation, therefore I was keen on playing a small number of birds. I made to shortlists, one with the best suited birds for the real long distance (being birds able to compete over 10 hours on the wing, judged by their physics (mainly genetics an muscularity). The second list was comprised of birds which tend to top the list when the races are somewhat faster, the 6 or 7 hour-flyers. Two lists of only 10 birds therefore, why so few? Well, being 5th in the charts of the Federation (red: now 2nd ) I would only need to time in one early bird. Nevertheless the weather-forecasts made me doubt, for the growing tailwinds would probably be in favour of the second-listgroup. Therefore on basketingday I decided to also play the second group. And you might have guessed already, Edith-E was in the second group and proved me right. She appeared above the lofts at 13.19, straight from the line of flight (which we hardly ever see here, mostly they return from the wrong norhtwest or west-angle), which was probably due to the spread caused by a simultaneous release of afdeling 10/Noord-Oost Nederland.’

Two weeks ago Gert Jan was the winner of Sens in zone 3 of the Northern Union, and now there’s a golden position in Friesland’96. Gert Jan Beute, theories put to practice!

Falco Ebben


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