Reports & News - The gold medals on Teletext for Cees and Maurice Everling

The gold medals on Teletext for Cees and Maurice Everling
The gold medals on Teletext for Cees and Maurice Everling

Cees and Maurice Everling have managed to perform exceptionally with their pigeons this year. Their count of goldmedals in 2012 has come to an impressive 15 so far. Twelve of them were won by old-birds which had to be transferred to the new loft, and three are being won by youngsters.

Their very best this year is NL11-1742433, his best result being a 2nd NPO Argenton against 7.796 pigeons. This cock, now appointed the name 'Froome', has a stunning trackrecord, while he's only a yearling. Check it out:

  • 1st Argenton 1.262 pigeons (2nd NPO against 7.796 pigeons)
  • 1st Peronne 1.689 pigeons (19th Province against 8.590 pigeons)
  • 4th Mantes la Jolie 10.446 pigeons (also 4th Provincial 20.506 pigeons)
  • 10th Nijvel 6.019 pigeons
  • 23rd Peronne 5.481 pigeons
  • 110th Nanteuil 17.186 pigeons
  • 40th Pommeroeul 5.649 pigeons

It's not only a topperformer, this bird bred from co-breeding with Willem de Bruijn, he's also a descendant from the finest bloodlines. His father being NL10-1688185 'Olympic Hurricane' of Willem de Bruijn, which became 3rd Olympiadbird for the Netherlands in Cat. F and won (a.o.)
1st Ablis 2.132 pigeons and 1st Pommeroeul 2.753 pigeons. He's mainly offspring of the golden Heremans-Ceusters-breed.

Mother to 'Froome' is another Olympic hotshot, NL09-1201894 'Olympic Sharon', she's also mother to two youngsters which will be auctioned on DreamPigeons this season. This hen of Cees and Maurice was crowned 1st Acebird Allround TBOTB 2010, 2nd Allround Europacup Dortmund 2010 and 2nd Olympiadeduif Cat. G in Poznan.

She won (a.o.) 1st Peronne 3.257 pigeons, 1st Creil 2.366 pigeons and 1st Creil 1.245 pigeons!
Another 2012 highlight  of this father-son partnership was a 2nd and 3rd on Teletext from Nanteuil against 13199 pigeons, also the silver and bronze of the whole release of 22786 pigeons! Also pure brothers and sisters of these birds will be offered in our Everling-auction.

Falco Ebben


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