Reports & News - Not just a webmaster, Gert Krab is a pigeon master too

Not just a webmaster, Gert Krab is a pigeon master too
Not just a webmaster, Gert Krab is a pigeon master too

You probably know Gert Krab through his business of developing numerous pigeon-websites, amongst them also our own DreamPigeons site! His pigeon results are not so well known, but he’s actually a rising star in the Dutch National pigeonsport.

Last year he had the 8th National Ace bird Youngsters with ‘Big Ben’ and this year he’s had some great success winning 4th NPO Salbris and 4th National Blois Afd. 8/South.

One of the main reasons for his newborn success is due to the purchase of a hen he bought on DreamPigeons. It was in the auction of Ronald & Louis Traas where he bought NL10-1740946 two years ago, daughter to the 5th Ace Cock WHZB. From this hen, then mated to a cock originating from the loft of Anton Hendriksen, we auctioned some youngsters on DreamPigeons. She’s now mother to Gert’s NL12-1372146 named after the Olympic medallist ‘Epke’. And the bird ‘Epke’ is also a great performer!

In his section, Gert could race in no more than five youngbird races. Besides that there were two more occasions to basket youngsters, which was on two fall-races (natour), and a bonus race organised by the Long-distance Club SFG. Eight races in total on which ‘Epke’ was basketed 7 times and he performed like a dream. In the club, with over 200 birds weekly, ‘Epke’ won 1st, 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th.
In larger combine these results were obtained:

  • 4th Quivrain 4.786 birds (1st against 825 birds)
  • 26th Pommeroeul 4.402 birds (10th against 680 birds)
  • 67th Duffel 6.345 birds (7th against 1.075 birds)
  • 69th Grimbergen 4.441 birds (20th against 554 birds)
  • 73rd Epehy 3.278 birds (6th against 419 birds)

You won’t find ‘Epke’ in the ranking of competitions like TBOTB or WHZB, for the simple fact that there weren’t more than eight opportunities for ‘Epke’ to race, which isn’t enough as other fanciers in other parts of Holland have more than 10 races for their youngsters. Obviously they can obtain more results for these prestigious competitions, than will ever be possible for fanciers competing in Section 8, GOU.
‘Epke’ isn’t the only hotshot in the lofts Gert.  It also houses NL12-1372227 ‘Super Boy’ and he’s even better, a ‘winged miracle’. He won 1, 1, 1, 2, 2 in the clubraces. In Region 3 he won six prizes in 8 races, amongst them:

  • 5th Grimbergen 4.441 birds
  • 4th Peronne 2.855 birds
  • 9th Pommeroeul 4.402 birds
  • 2nd Morlincourt 734 birds
  • 10th Epehy 3.278 birds

These results crowned him 1st ace bird fall-races (natour) in the strong combine (kring 2) of region 3 GOU. ‘Super Boy’ was bred from the legendary wonderpair of Lub Snoek which Gert and his friend Patrick Wemmenhove of Bant bought together after Lub had ceased pigeonracing.

Plenty of reason for DreamPigeons to auction some of Gert’s  youngsters, amongst them two bred from the same pair as ‘Super Boy’, two from the parents of ‘Epke’ and two from the stockpair which also parented ‘Big Ben’. The offer is no less than full brothers and sisters to these top-performing birds, an exceptional offer.

Falco Ebben


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