Reports & News - Chris Aalpoel smashed his competitors with mega-lofts regularly in 2012!

Chris Aalpoel smashed his competitors with mega-lofts regularly in 2012!
Chris Aalpoel smashed his competitors with mega-lofts regularly in 2012!

That it's still unnessecary to own a small farm of lofts or hire a fulltime loftmanager was effectively proven by Chris Aalpoel in 2012. His birds were excelling on the middle longdistance races and he obtained all of the 1st championships in his combine. His small lofts also showed off big results in his section: 2nd nominated and 2nd acebirds on the middle long distance with only 13 couples in the races.

Ebben branch

Chris often refers to himself calling it the ‘branch’ of Will and Falco Ebben. Since at least 10 years he fetches some pigeons every year, and succesfully so! No less than 90% of his birds originates from the uncle-cousinpartnership of Leeuwen. Chris got youngsters of all the famous racers like; ‘Picasso’, ‘Elfpenner’, ‘Cyrus’, ‘Cynthia’, ‘Alexander’, ‘Roosje’ and so on. He also got a very special bird from Marcel Sangers, banded NL98-2237909 which is a full daughter to NL95-1400550 ‘Superbreeder’. She is represented in a most pedigrees of Chris' best racers. Finally some birds from Jan Fidder and Jan de Ruiter proved to be an asset to his loft
On a roll!

He's really predominating the races in recent years, allthough he had to face some fallbacks too. He lost a big lot of youngsters in the last several years and also a marten culled the first round of 2012. Fortunately the late youngsters, trained on the 'cakeraces' supplied him with the nescessary replenishment. 

  • In 2009 he won 7 firsts;
  • In 2010 he also won 7 firsts;
  • In 2011 again 7 firsts (amongst them 3 in combine, strong competition);
  • In 2012 we counted 9 firsts  (again 3 in combine).  

Besides that the 3rd not-nominated championship on the long distance races was reached in his strong combine, and the 7th nominated championship on middle long distance in his province (section 8, 4000 members)!

Two miraclesisters

Part of the stunning results of Chris' raceteam was brought home by two real miraculous sisters, which we proudly introduce to you:

‘Sari’ NL08-1088820 is the eldest and now a breeding hen. She won 6 firsts in her flyingcareer. The highlights:

  • 1st Strombeek 6.000 birds
  • 4th Strombeek 9.108 birds (1st 348 birds)
  • 1st Peronne 1.294 birds
  • 5th Pommeroeul 1.955 birds (1st 208 birds)
  • 6th Peronne 1.366 birds (1st 165 birds)
  • 1st Morlincourt 158 birds
  • 11th St. Quentin 1.640 birds
  • 17th St. Job in ’t Goor 2.435 birds
  • 2nd Peronne 87 birds
  • 31st Mantes la Jolie 1.255 birds
  • 31st Peronne 1.240 bird 

Of course Will and Falco were eager to obtain some youngsters from such a marvel and they exchanged a couple. NL12-1222329, daughter to ‘Sari’, moved to Leeuwen and already won as a youngster (she was only raced 5 times):

  • 13th NPO Morlincourt 4,845 birds
  • 45th NPO Peronne 6,668 birds

She won 2 times 1:100 on three NPO-races, which clearly shows ‘Sari's breeding potential!

Full sister to ‘Sari’ is ‘Suus’. She might be an even better racer, being born in 2011, she already won 3 firsts! She became acebird middle long distance in the combine and came short a few points to be first in the whole section (2nd acebird middle long distance Afdeling 8).

She won:

  • 1st Breuil le Vert (401 km) 1.283 birds (48th NPO 7,086 birds)
  • 1st Breuil le Vert 1.107 birds
  • 1st Peronne 760 birds
  • 15th Peronne 1.579 birds
  • 20th Pommeroeul 1.992 birds

Father to these marvelous hens is NL07-1361738 ‘Cock Supercouple’ and he's a 100% original Ebbenbird. He's a descendant to ‘Elfpenner’, ‘Super 27’, ‘Broer Roosje’ and ‘Cynthia’.

The mother is NL07-1361730 ‘Hen Supercouple’ and she originates from the cross of Jan Fidder (from 658 line, 3 x 1st) x Marcel Sangers (daughter ‘Superbreeder’)

Of course these two are not the only good racers in his loft. For example a niece to ‘Sari’ and ‘Suus’ , she won two first in the region on the long distance races, being a 1st Châteaudun 1.447 birds (2nd NPO 5.000 birds) and 1st Bourges 1.347 birds. She's also a granddaughter to ‘553’, Chris’ foundation cock which he obtained from Will and Falco Ebben (son ‘Elfpenner’ x ‘Super 27’).

Small lofts

‘Get them at the strong small lofts' is a quote from the master: Ad Schaerlaeckens. Well, here's an unique opportunity. Chris has some real nice opportunities for you, being youngsters to ‘Supercouple’, ‘Foundation breeder’, ‘Sari’ and ‘Suus’. His auction ends the 9th of february.



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