Reports & News - Will & Falco Ebben conquerors of Provincial Orléans.

Will & Falco Ebben conquerors of Provincial Orléans.
Will & Falco Ebben conquerors of Provincial Orléans.
Their stay in the baskets was quite a bit longer, but after resting two more than usual, the racers of Afdeling 8 were released on Monday the 27th of May in Orléans. The overtime was a perfect decision for the weather was terrific on raceday. A variable, mostly west-northwest wind  on track, but the first pigeon of the colony showing up in Beneden-Leeuwen, which is in the Southwestcorner of the Province. Will and Falco Ebben were the owners of this bird, with bandnumber NL12-12222329 named 'Huma' (Arabic, meaning 'bird that brings hapiness'), which timed in on 13.28.39 and thus printing a average speed of 1.423 meters/minute on the resultsheet, enough for the gold on this fair race.
Quite a lot of fanciers already know this uncle-nephewpartnership with their tiny loft. They resist the ever growing number of megalofts with lots of racers with only 12 pairs of racers on a loft of 6 meters of length. That they need not fear any of the bigger lofts in competition is shown in the fact that they already won their seventh (!) NPO-race so far:
1st and 2nd NPO (Zuid) La Ferte Bernard against 5.503 birds in 2004
1st NPO (Zuid) Freiburg against 3.790 birds in 2007
1st and 2nd NPO Morlincourt against 16,971 birds in 2008
1st NPO Châteaudun against 9,959 birds in 2009
1st National Blois Afdeling 8 against 7,917 birds in 2009
1st NPO (South) Blois against 3,581 birds in 2012
1st NPO Orléans against 4.000 birds in 2013
The winner was bred by Chris Aalpoel from Apeldoorn, which is a branch of the loft of Will & Falco Ebben. So a lot of Huma’s ancestors originate from their own loft. Already as a young bird she showed her bosses that she was carved out of the best wood.

With only 5 races in her youth (the youngbird season in Region 3 of Afdeling 8 doesn’t offer a better school) she won 4 prizecards 1:10 and even two 1:100, both of them on the NPO-races:
13th NPO Morlincourt 4,548 birds (1st against 136 birds)
45th NPO Peronne 6,668 birds
Father to 'Huma' is a direct Will and Falco Ebben and son to superbreeder NL07-1513778 'Cyrus' paired to a direct hen from the loft of Ad Schaerlaeckens. Mother to 'Huma' is wordclass hen NL10-1088820 'Sari' of Chris Aalpoel, a daughter to his superpair (50% Will & Falco Ebben) and winner of no less than 6 firsts!!
Pedigree of Huma:

The overall race result of Will & Falco on Orléans was also a very nice one:
Combine against 433 birds:
1, 8, 20, 29, 31, 36, 44, 53, 60, 73, 76, 79 (17/12)
Section against 1,223 birds:
1, 17, 41, 59, 65, 80, 114, 133, 160, 216, 220, 227 (17/12)
Provincial NPO Afdeling 8/Zuid against 2.351 birds:
1 , 46, 110, 168, 181, 212, 270, 308, 400, 521, 530, 551 (17/12)
(fastest Provincial bird against 4.000)
From the loft of Will & Falco Ebben ten special youngsters have been bred for auction on  DreamPigeons, amongst these offspring of their superbreeder NL07-1513778 'Cyrus' (grandfather 1st NPO Orléans, father 1st NPO Morlincourt), but also from NL08-1241483 'Diablo' (1st NPO Morlincourt 16.971 birds) and NL10-1404029 'Famke' (1st NPO Blois 3.581 birds). Besides these special youngsters, also some fine racers will be up for auction. It’s scheduled for the 29th of oktober till november 9th.
A small clip of the winner click here:


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