Reports & News - Magician Gert-Jan Beute wins 1st NPO Sezanne against 5.051 birds

Magician Gert-Jan Beute wins 1st NPO Sezanne against 5.051 birds
Magician Gert-Jan Beute wins 1st NPO Sezanne against 5.051 birds
'Team Beute', which in fact are Gert-Jan, his wife Klaasje and helping hand Elco Homma, claimed their status on the 25th of May on the first longdistance race of the season with a 1st NPO Sezanne against 5.051 birds. All of Holland would race their first longdistance race that day, but some of the boardmembers were panicing because of the weatherforecast so the cancelled the races on Wednesday. Some of them were nevertheless cool-headed, like Afdeling 10 & 11 and they raced, as scheduled, from their original releasepoint. 
Both of the races went very well, with fair racing conditions and foreknown winning lofts. The magician of Wilhelminaoord, some call him the blusterer, and pulled the rabbit out of the hat: Gert Jan Beute. Gert-Jan about the winners arrival: 'On we are able to track the clocking of the early birds on the shortest distances, so we had already calculated an estimate time for the first ten. Just 30 seconds before due time, our 'Firestone' hit the landing board like a rocket: 14.42.53. She was the first in our club and a couple of minutes later she showed up on top of the arrivallist on . It was a fantastic moment, all of the stress vanished in one second! Then we started hoping that none of the furthest loft would pass us, for most of the races they have a faster one. It didn’t happen and we won, big time. Out of 30 basketed birds we had 16 within the first 19 on the resultsheet in our club, in larger combine  we had 25 prizecards and the cherry on the pie was the first bird in the whole Province! '
From this day on the name of the winner is 'Firestone'. Gert Jan: 'She’s a marvelous hen, a typical 8+ on my score for selection by hand. The protoype of a presentday longdistance ace, small, tight and musscles one inch thick. Her father is Magician 09-122 which I picked out of a bunch of youngsters in 2009 at Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp, son to two direct birds from Leo Heremans. Mother to Firestone is 06-394 graddaughter Wondergirl 98-830. I sold this 06-394 as a youngster to a German fancier, he raced her and she was a true acebird, she even raced Boedapest, but he wasn’t satisfied of her breedingcapacities. He showed her to me late 2009….I saw her and my heart jumped, what a fantastic hen, a 8,5 with a white breedingeye. I told him we could make a trade, he got a youngster from a very good breeding pair, a win-win situation. I bred from her, with Magician a yellow-eye and 8+, my 'Dena' 1st Orleans Saran. The results of Fireston previous to this first NPO were very moderate, but I know now that they’re bred for heavier races. On the fast races with tailwinds they’re not there.' 
In afdeling 5 it was Peter van der Merwe who gloriously won against 11.572 birds. His winner was bred by Gert-Jan Beute from a daughter to 'Vechtmachine', now sire to a long list of aces like Dalia' (1st National acebird long distance 2011).  
Gert-Jan will kick off our auctionseason at Dreampigeons. Bred for stock is this lot of youngsters (o.a. from 'Vechtmachine') and there will be some racebirds for sale too.


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