Reports & News - Cees & Maurice Everling, Gouda: A good method, but above all supreme birds!

Cees & Maurice Everling, Gouda: A good method, but above all supreme birds!
Cees & Maurice Everling, Gouda: A good method, but above all supreme birds!

Not just National, because being represented with two birds on the latest two Olympiads also means an international breakthrough.

In their earlier years, success wasn’t that obvious for them. When they met Willem de Bruijn on a pigeonevent in 2005, Maurice suddenly saw the light. He spoke the following words to Maurice: “If you want to be a champion in pigeonracing, then you have to be totally committed to it. If you really want to and you don’t succeed, then you don’t really want to”. Willem’s statement came in loud and clear and that winter they bought several of his coupons and nowadays they are good friends with ‘Mr WHZB’.

Foundation of the strain

For father Cees, his fiftieth anniversary in pigeonracing has already past, while Maurice was once active as a youthmember. Seven years ago they re-united as a team and their partnership hit it off just fine since then. As mentioned before, the basic birds came from Willem de Bruijn, and their loft has developed as a real spin-off lately. They regularly accompany ‘the flying dentist’ on his trips to Belgium to visit the speedmasters and are ever looking for better birds. Most of their effort really is being put into this crusade for the best birds, it never ever stops!
The foundation of the champion-partnership originates for 80% from the dentist of Reeuwijk. They also successfully injected their strain with birds obtained from the Belgian fanciers Maurice Hasendonckx of Bouwel and Gaston van de Wouwer of Berlaar.


Their breeders are actually worth the name, for half of March some of the hens have already produced as much as seven nests without losing fitness! Another thing they’ve learned from Willem de Bruijn. Maurice houses 8-10 stock pairs and Cees has over 40 nursing pairs to place all of the eggs. They are put in a rotational system, meaning every cock or hen will have four to five partners every year. This way the kea-breeders are recognized in an early stage.

The old racers are on the double-widowhood system. Massive racing and a very harsh selection regime are key points of their method. 24 races in a row from April till September, never a dull moment. Pairing is half of December, their first round of eggs hatched by nursing pairs, the second round raised by themselves. When there’s a third round, they are also in for adoption, a good method to early recognition of top class-breeders. In the second half of February the widowhood commences and they two sexes meet every weekend to prevent the hens from discovering the mutual sexes. They also do the training start-up then, after one week they are in the airspace for an hour or so. By rotating the sexes, the hens train 1,5 hour a day, the cocks do 2 times an hour. By the arrival of March the racers get their training tosses, almost every day and spend a couple of hours together afterwards. After the racing-season has started until the first race on the middle long-distance they are tossed once a week. The birds are put in the baskets without any fuss, they don’t get to see their partners. All year round they have the same meals day in day out, it’s the ¾ Mariman racing mixture and ¼ super diet. Also a thing they cribbed from Willem de Bruijn. In the morning they have a handful of small seeds for every 10 birds, together with some grit. After their morning training the cocks receive the standard mixture for an hour. In the afternoon again a handful of small seeds for 10 birds. After this training they receive the same basic mixture which is being removed before nightfall.


Every year they replete the team with some 100 youngsters, bred only from their very best. The training flights are started very cautiously, non-regarding the weather they are released some twenty occasions on relatively short distances. During the races the also toss their youngsters once or twice a week, distance 70 kilometres. They are being separated after four weeks of races and have one hour of training every day in the afternoon.

Darkening, light and by-products.

Their youngsters are darkened till the longest day and the lights are lit from the 1st of August and onward. The old cocks are darkened till the 1st of May and the hens two weeks longer. All of the old birds are also lightened from the 1st of August. The by-products consist of cure oil and condition powder by Fernand Mariën and Lysocur of Comed (health cure based on herbal extracts) to preventively clean the airways. When the birds arrive home from the races, there’s Belgasol in the drinkers and they also have a treat from the sundry-box of Ronny van Tilburg. Medically it is overwhelmingly simple: a treatment for paratyphoid in winter is all there is to it.


The Everling-loft houses many aces nowadays. Their flagship is of course NL09-1201894 ‘Olympic Sharon’, she was 1st ace birds all-round TBOTB 2010, 2nd ace bird all-round Europe cup 2010, 2nd Olympiad bird cat. G in 2011, 5th best hen WHZB 2010 and 6th  ace bird old WHZB 2010.

She won several top rankings, amongst that 1st Peronne 3.257 birds and 1st Creil 2.366 birds. Her breeding potential has also been unveiled. The best offspring so far being her son NL11-1742433 ‘Olympic Froome’, he qualified 1st Olympiadbird Cat G Nitra 2013 and his best results were 2nd NPO Argenton 7.796 birds, 4th Mantes la Jolie 10.446 birds, 1st Peronne 1.627 birds, 4th Pommereoul 3.105 birds and so on.

Father to ‘Olympic Froome’ is NL10-1688185 ‘Olympic Hurricane’ owned by Willem de Bruijn, ‘Froome’ was thus bred from two Olympiad birds. That is the result of a new breeding strategy which Willem de Bruijn frequently uses nowadays; Olympiad x Olympiad! Unfortunately not many lofts can make these kind of pairings!

Fine results 2013

Also 2013 became a splendid year again. The father –and son partnership won in their Province (South-Holland): 6th Overall long distance, 4th ace bird long distance, 1st overall young birds and 2nd not-nominated young birds. These strong results were obtained in their strong section Gouwe & IJssel and speak for themselves:

Bourges, 1.181 birds, 20 basketed, 11 prizecards: 9, 34, 58 and so on
Argenton, 1.312 birds, 21 basketed, 10 prizecards: 47, 52, 61, 71 and so on
Châteauroux, 1.120 birds, 21 basketed, 10 prizecards: 47, 48, 61 and so on
Vierzon, 675 birds, 15 basketed, 7 prizecards: 12, 13, 74, 75 and so on
Ruffec, 494 birds, 19 basketed, 9 prizecards: 3, 37, 54 and so on
Duffel, 4.441 birds, 86 basketed, 54 prizecards: 1, 2, 14, 17, 25 and so on
Peronne, 3.775 birds, 78 basketed, 42 prizecards: 1, 3, 6, 18, 34, 35, 39, 40 and so on
(Also 1, 3, 11 and so on in province. 5/east against 10.767 birds)
Morlincourt, 2.336 birds, 75 basketed, 44 prizecards: 36, 37, 38, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80 and so on
Nanteuil, 2.984 birds, 73 basketed, 39 prizecards: 3, 29, 38, 40, 53 and so on.
Morlincourt, 2.932 birds, 76 basketed, 50 prizecards: 5, 16, 17, 26, 27, 46, 47 and so on
Mantes la Jolie, 2.680 birds, 76 basketed, 23 prizecards:  4, 5, 26, 27, 39 and so on
(also 6 and 8 NPO Afd. 5 against 7.811 birds)


Our auction of these majestic Cees and Maurice Everling has already started on Dreampigeons and will end next Saturday 19th of October 3pm Dutch time!

The cream of the salmon is in this sale, youngsters from all of their aces! Besides them Cees and Maurice made a very special offer, these two real superb hens:

Firstly NL11-1742432 ‘Katie’, nest sister to ‘Olympic Froome’. She won 6th Nijvel 2.114 birds, 9th Ronquieres 2.673 birds, 13th Sens 1.769 birds, 46th Nijvel 6.019 birds, 132nd   NPO Vierzon 10.571 birds (1st club) and so on. She’s already mother to NL13-1248050 8th NPO Mantes la Jolie against 7.811 birds!

The other being NL12-1628660 ‘Promise’, still a young hen already winning 43rd  Morlincourt 14.364 birds, 6th Peronne 1.828 birds, 18th Sens 4.917 birds, 113th Nanteuil 13.199 birds and so on. She’s also mother to two youngsters who won a first in large combine last year NL13-1248053 won 1st Duffel 4.441 birds and NL13-1248118 won 1st  Peronne 10.767 birds and also 6th NPO Mantes la Jolie against 7.811 birds!

What a supreme offer! There’s a tremendous amount of pigeons offered on the web these days, seldom will you be offered the opportunity to recruit such top material for your loft as this auction on DreamPigeons today!

Falco Ebben


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