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Rien en Bas Weijers, Groesbeek
Rien en Bas Weijers, Groesbeek
Some years ago, Rien & Bas Weijers (Groesbeek, Netherlands) changed their strategy in competing with their pigeons. Bas started on his new address and focused on the marathon races over 800 k. Rien focusses on races from 100-700 k. Over the past years, the loft suffered with problems with its climate. The pigeons never got into the best conditions, conditions that are necessary to achieve the best results.
The turn-around came when Reind Breman and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp paid a visit to Groesbeek and new plans were made. The changes brought to the loft was the start of a successful period up till now in which the pigeons found the best in themselves and brought great results back to Groesbeek.
Everybody knows that loftconditions are an important issue to be successful. However, the quality of the pigeons is leading. Rien & Bas Weijers belong to the best friends of Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, Brummen, a friendship which goes back to the early 90-ties. Due to this friendship the best pigeons came to Groesbeek and a new breeding and racing strategies were set up from 2009 together with the Eijerkamp-family. The success with the Heremans-Ceusters pigeons on the lofts in Brummen was the reason to transfer several direct children from the several ace pigeons. In short, the following pigeons are stationed in Groesbeek :
  • 2 direct daughters ‘Euro’
  • 1 direct son ‘Goochelaar’ (father ‘Rossi’)
  • 1 direct daughter ‘Rossi’
  • 1 direct daughter ‘Lichte Blauwe’
  • 1 direct son ‘Spinneke’
All these pigeons were personally selected by Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. In addition to these pigeons, offspring from the best lines of Louis van Loon were added to pair these with the Heremans-Ceusters pigeons. These pigeons are prominently based on the super breeders ‘Don Leo’ and his brother ‘Fabio’. A great breeder is ‘Gaudi’, grandchild from ‘Fabio’ out of ‘Michelangelo’, paired to an inbred hen out of another super breeder ‘Chicago’. ‘Gaudi’ is already father to 4 times 1. Prize and several top results.
The new number 1 top breeder at Eijerkamp at the moment is ‘Ché’, winner of 1. Nat. NPO Orleans 14.285 pigeons and 1. Prize Arras 9.641. In 2012 a direct son of ‘Ché’ paired to his own granddaughter came to Groesbeek. The first results from his offspring are promising while a youngster already won 2. prize Wolvertem against 202 birds.
Thanks to the investment in the loft and the pigeons results got a boast last years. More and more, focus will be aimed at the one day races from 500-700 k. In 2011 ‘Lize’, offspring of the ‘Euro’ and ‘Tips’ won 1. prize NU Z1 Bergerac 5.722 birds (869 k – one day race), 2. Prize Nat. Bergerac 9.956 birds. In 2012 a 11. and 17. Prize NPO Blois show that the loft is on its way to be successful in this category. 
Visit their auction on In this auction 10 youngsters of the topbreeders they became from Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, but also as the toppigeon of the auction the 1. prize NU Z1 Bergerac 5.722 birds, Lize!


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