Reports & News - Ending auctions tomorrow Jan 25, 2014

Ending auctions tomorrow Jan 25, 2014
Ending auctions tomorrow Jan 25, 2014
Date: Jan. 24, 2014
Tomorrow two auctions will end on We’ll give you some info.
Chris Aalpoel, Apeldoorn
This small fancier from Apeldoorn has one of the best breeding couples in the Netherlands at this moment (cock NL07-1361738 x hen NL07-1361730). When they were paired for the first year they directly gave famous NL08-1088820 ’Sari’. This tophen won 6 x 1st, no doubles of course. Her best prices: 
  • 1st Strombeek 6,000 pigeons
  • 4th Strombeek 9,108 pigeons (1st against 348 pigeons)
  • 1st Peronne 1,294 pigeons
  • 5th Pommeroeoul 1,955 pigeons (1st against 208 pigeons)
  • 6th Peronne 1,366 pigeons (1st against 165 pigeons)
  • 1st Morlincourt 158 pigeons
  • 11th St. Quentin 1,640 pigeons
  • 17th St. Job in 't Goor 2,435 pigeons
    And so on...
Not only in terms of flying she belongs to the best of Holland, also her breeding skills she is worth her weight in gold. That is proved by a/o NL12-1222329 ’Huma’ of Will & Falco Ebben from Beneden-Leeuwen. She won 1st NPO Orléans 4,000 pigeons in 2013. As a youngster she won already a 13th NPO Morlincourt 4.548 pigeons 45th NPO Peronne 6,668 pigeons (only 3 NPO races were flown).
A full sister of ' Sari ' , the NL11-1332374 'Suus’, was 1st ace pigeon middle distance in federation in 2012. In Section 8/GOU ( 2,000 fanciers) , she was 2nd Ace, with a minor difference behind a pigeon from professionals Hans & Evert -Jan Eijerkamp .
On the record of 'Suus' are a/o the following prices:
  • 1st Breuil le Vert 1,283 pigeons
  • 1st Breuil le Vert 1,107 pigeons
  • 1st Peronne 760 pigeons
  • 15th Peronne 1,579 pigeons
  • 20th Pommeroeul 1,992 pigeons
In the pedigree of famous ’Supercouple’, we see the very best of Marcel Sangers (the hen is a direct daughter of famous 'Super breeder 550'! ), Jan Fidde and Will & Falco Ebben (their famous pigeons ’Elfpenner', ’Roosje’ , 'Cynthia’).
Of course, the whole auction is about this toppers. So direct children of the ’Super Couple’, ’Sari’ (mated to the cock that she gave the 1st NPO Orleans) and ’Suus’.
Chris has completed the auction with a very special performance pigeon , namely NL09 - 1824416 'Miss Teletext’. She won two first prizes in Region 2 (combine) in the long distance races:
  • 1st Châteaudun ( 564 km ) 1,447 pigeons ( 2nd NPO against 5,000 pigeons)
  • 1st Bourges ( 623 km ) 1,347 pigeons
This against big names and well-known professional as Eijerkamp lofts , Ferry van Loo , Gerard van de Berg, Henri van de Berg , Marcel Sangers and so on.
’You best invest at small fanciers’, Ad Schaerlaeckens ever wrote ... Others say you just have to pick out top couples where several good ones have come from and who also give excellent pigeons in further generations. By Chris are both!
The auction of Chris ends tomorrow at 3 p.m.
Kevin (W.K.) Corton, Heteren
Young and upcoming talent. In his teens Kevin began with pigeonsport and now he has ’infected’ his father Bertus with this ’pigeon bacillus’ as well. He is only 26 , but in Region 3 (combine) of Section 8/GOU he has become one of the toughest competitors. His has won among others 1st NPO Peronne 8,120 pigeons and 3rd International acebird in the Northern Union (International Holland-Germany), with its famous ' Rugzitter ’, which also developed into a true stock cock.
It is the first time that Kevin pigeons sell online. Especially for DreamPigeons he has a select group of young pigeons where we could choose from (the nicest from each pair).They were all very nice to handle. The auction is completed with three performance pigeons.
In the auction can be found a youngsters of famous ' Rugzitter " , 3rd International acebird one Northern Union a youngster from NL10- 1376086 ' Boyka " who won 1st NPO Peronne against 8.120 pigeons.
Furthermore, our auction three performance pigeons , if you ask us a better investment than a youngster from the 'Olympiad' of Heremans or something like it which is seven years old without any references ... and also much cheaper!
First , there is the NL08 - 1212188 . This topper has won 37 prize cards, including :
  • 9th Morlincourt 5,364 pigeons
  • 6th Peronne 1,903 pigeons
  • 2nd Epehy 309 pigeons
  • 3rd Menen 353 pigeons
  • 12th Tours 566 pigeons
    And so on .
Then Kevin also sells the NL09-1941961 'Double 2nd Ace . She won no less than 52 prize cards, including 25 in the first 10%. On the internet there are plenty of birds, but aces with such quality are very rarely!
'Double 2nd Ace' was 2nd Ace pigeon youngsters in 2009 and 2nd Ace pigeon late races in 2011 . She won a/o 1st Meer 213 pigeons (fastest of 2,170 pigeons!), 34th Peronne 3,683 pigeons 43rd Peronne 4,593 pigeons . A true winner!
The third performance pigeon in the sale is a winner in the long distance races , a popular discipline. On her result sheet are 47 prizes including 22 in the first 10%. She won a/o:
  • 23rd NPO Châteaudun 3,789 pigeons 
  • 29th NPO Tours 2,886 pigeons
  • 75th NPO Blois 2.666 pigeons
  • 148th NPO Blois 3.581 pigeons
Also on the sprint this pigeon was summit including 6th Menen 5,570 pigeons and 2nd Quievrain 216 pigeons. A true all-rounder !
The auction of Kevin ends tomorrow at 3.30 p.m.
Overview auctions
Chris Aalpoel, Apeldoorn
Number of pigeons in this auction: 9.
NL09-1824416 Miss Teletekst (hen)   1: NL09-1824416 MISS TELETEKST (HEN)
NL13-1793164 Son Supercouple (cock)   2: NL13-1793164 SON SUPERCOUPLE (COCK)
NL13-1793163 Daughter Supercouple (hen)   3: NL13-1793163 DAUGHTER SUPERCOUPLE (HEN)
NL13-1793161  Son Basic Breeder 553 (cock)   4: NL13-1793161 SON BASIC BREEDER 553 (COCK)
NL13-1793162 Daughter Basic Breeder 553 (hen)   5: NL13-1793162 DAUGHTER BASIC BREEDER 553 (HEN)
NL13-1793165 Son to Sari (cock)   6: NL13-1793165 SON TO SARI (COCK)
NL13-1793166 Daughter to Sari (hen)   7: NL13-1793166 DAUGHTER TO SARI (HEN)
NL13-1793167 Son Suus (cock)   8: NL13-1793167 SON SUUS (COCK)
NL13-1793168 Son Suus   9: NL13-1793168 SON SUUS
Combinatie Corton, Heteren
Number of pigeons in this auction: 9. 
NL08-1212188 Winner 4x 1:100 (hen)   1: NL08-1212188 WINNER 4X 1:100 (HEN)
NL09-1941961 Double 2nd Ace (hen)   2: NL09-1941961 DOUBLE 2ND ACE (HEN)
NL09-1941990 23rd-29th-75th NPO (hen)   3: NL09-1941990 23RD-29TH-75TH NPO (HEN)
NL13-1897081 Son Superkweekster (cock)   4: NL13-1897081 SON SUPERKWEEKSTER (COCK)
NL13-1897085 Son 1st NPOx 5th Teletext (cock)   5: NL13-1897085 SON 1ST NPOX 5TH TELETEXT (COCK)
NL13-1897100 Daughter 4x 1st (hen)   6: NL13-1897100 DAUGHTER 4X 1ST (HEN)
NL13-1897526 Son to 1st Geel 7,042 pigeons (cock)   7: NL13-1897526 SON TO 1ST GEEL 7,042 PIGEONS (COCK)
NL13-1897534 Son 3rd Ace NU (cock)   8: NL13-1897534 SON 3RD ACE NU (COCK)
NL13-1897083 Daughter Teletekstduivin (hen)   9: NL13-1897083 DAUGHTER TELETEKSTDUIVIN (HEN)


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