Reports & News - Nico Jan Koenders, Westervoort - A marvelous year again!!!

Nico Jan Koenders, Westervoort - A marvelous year again!!!
Nico Jan Koenders, Westervoort - A marvelous year again!!!

2014 was a fantastic year to Nico Jan Koenders again. Many early pigeons, topseries and a lot of championships are daily bred for the successful sales representative of feedfirm Versele Laga. A natural system, simple feeding and very good pigeons are the secret of success. “Keep it simple” is one of the most important slogans to Nico Jan Koenders.

Nico Jan Koenders puts his trust not to side issues, but excellent pigeons are the main thing. When you always do the same simple thing, you make less mistakes and get better pigeons.


Most people now know that Nico Jan’s birds are nourished with nothing more than feed, water and minerals. There’s nothing more to it! The only antibiotic is against salmonellosis in winter, and this is true from 2002 onward. "My birds are only fed properly, get a varied mineralmixture and fresh grit. The rest of it is useless. “I don’t believe in tea, electrolytes, amino-acids, brewers-yeast and all those ‘necessary’ products. Believe me, I’ve been there, done that, tried it all and my conclusion is that the birds don’t miss it. I gave everything in one loft, none in the other. There was no difference worthwhile.''

Many fanciers simply can’t believe the fact that Nico-Jan’s birds were flown for over ten years without any meds. He was one of the pioneers on this new ‘natural system’, now many followers –some of them bigblenders- stopped with meds like he did. Amongst them is Hans Dekkers from Hedikhuizen, one of the best longdistanceflyers in the Western part of Europe these days. He spared several hundreds of euro’s a year, but his results just gained upon him! Lots of ‘naturalists’ are a big fan of garlic, but you won’t find this in the drinkers of Nico-Jan either. Purely nature then? 


The major factor in his success is his feeding system Nico-Jan thinks. And it needs to be perfect, for he is being employed by one of the biggest feedmanufacturers namely Versele-Laga. Nico-Jan: “My birds are raced weekly. Between two long-distance races they are also basketed on the middle-long distance.

The only way to endure such a handling is an excellent feedingscheme. When they get home, fifty percent Widowhood-plus and fifty percent Gerry Plus (Versele Laga) is served to them. They shouldn’t run short after such an effort, and need to compensate for any nutritional losses. The Gerry Plus is a very light mixture, without too much peas and beans, so it is easily digested. On Sundays they receive seventy percent Gerry Plus and thirty percent Widowhood plus. Until pre-basketing day the mixture is fifty/fifty Widowhood plus and Gerry Plus. The last day it consists of eighty percent versus twenty percent of the same two mixtures. In the afternoon some small grains are offered so they all have something to drink before they are basketed for the race. They are all fed in their own nesting box, two spoons a pigeon twice a day. Seems a lot perhaps and in fact they never run short of feed, the leftovers are fed to the youngsters. The advantage is that they are never hungry and exercise like athletes. "

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