Reports & News - Berth Knaven, Didam – Thanks to Ad Schaerlaeckens!!

Berth Knaven, Didam – Thanks to Ad Schaerlaeckens!!
Berth Knaven, Didam – Thanks to Ad Schaerlaeckens!!

Berth Knaven is a very famous pigeon fancier in Holland. The One Day Fond (500-900km) is his favorite distance. You must have very strong pigeons to finish the race.

Many pigeon fanciers succeed with Berth Knaven pigeons. A very strong base is the secret of his National success. A lot of NPO victory’s, WHZB/TBOTB titles and top results!

1st Teletekst Nivelles 29,750 pigeons
1st NPO Pithviers 6,255 pigeons (‘Pim’ for sale by Dreampigeons)
1st NPO Blois 2,880 pigeons
2nd NPO Orleans 3,570 pigeons
2nd NPO Blois 3,689 pigeons
2nd NPO Chateaudun 5,246 pigeons
2nd NPO Bourges 1,841 pigeons
3rd NPO Chateaudun 5,246 pigeons
3rd NPO Bourges 1,814 pigeons
3rd NPO Sens 2,307 pigeons
4th NPO Blois 3,689 pigeons
4th NPO Chateaudun 5,246 pigeons
5th NPO Lorris 3,463 pigeons
5th NPO Salbris 2,589 pigeons
5th NPO Sens 2,307 pigeons
6th NPO Pithviers 9,012 pigeons
6th NPO Chateaudun 6,978 pigeons
7th NPO Pommeroeul 28,950 pigeons
8th NPO Nanteuil 19,200 pigeons
8th NPO Lorris 3,463 pigeons

Base – 80% Ad Schaerlaeckens

It was 2004, when Berth Knaven and his wife went to the famous Ad Schaerlaeckens. Berth Knaven had no idea what was going on. His wife prepared an amazing surprise and it was the beginning of a very successful period in the top of the National pigeonworld. His wife bought ten Ad Schaerlaeckens pigeons and Ad gave one pigeon for free. The free pigeon is a very famous pigeon in Holland. ‘Blue Els’ became mother to three Teletextpigeons. A very unique breeder!

‘Dark Gift’ is a daughter to Bertie Camphuis’ fantastic breedpair ‘833’ x ‘304’. She is a full sister to NL08-1125133 ‘Black Diamond’. ‘Black Diamond’ is winner of:\

3rd Orleans 3,195 pigeons (16 NPO 15,500 pigeons)
5th NPO Chateaudun 5,000 pigeons
26th NPO Blois 8,496 pigeons
30th NPO Orleans 5,406 pigeons
32nd NPO Orleans 5,582 pigeons
55th NPO Blois 10,274 pigeons
57th NPO Blois 4,229 pigeons

Another famous Berth Knaven pigeons is ‘Olympiade Rossi’. Bred out of two direct Leo Heremans-pigeons and mother to:
5th NPO Lorris vs 3,464 pigeons
5th NPO Salbris 2,589 pigeons
17th NPO Bourges 1,841 pigeons
28th NPO Sens 2,307 pigeons

Other topnames in the Dutch pigeonworld form Berth Knaven are: First NPO winner ‘Pim’, Daughter Olympiade, topbreeders ‘Rising Blue’ and ‘Rossi Olympiade’. Topracer ‘Christel’, ‘Brother Pim’, ‘Berthie’, ‘Pupil Noor’, ‘Kumpe’,  amazing Quatorze, topbreeder ‘Grandson Ace Four’ and many other magnificent pigeons.

Check for children out of the best Berth Knaven pigeons. An amazing auction, with children from almost all topracers and proven topbreeders. A must have for every breedingstation!

Patrick Noorman


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