Reports & News - Van Elsacker-Jepsen – First class pigeon racing!!!

Van Elsacker-Jepsen – First class pigeon racing!!!
Van Elsacker-Jepsen – First class pigeon racing!!!

In 1986 a new King was crowned in the Antwerpen Union, by many reporters also called the ‘high society of pigeon racing’. Until than his name was quite unknown … Serge van Elsacker became the youngest fancier ever to win the prestigious title in the Union, also known as the toughest competition in the world.

Van Elsacker, assisted in pigeon sport by his wife Kristen Jepsen, specialised himself in middle distance racing a few years earlier and he did very well out of it. At first the renowned names thought Serge might just be a one day fly and they considered him as no steady opponent , but their laughs were silenced very soon.

Many of the established names sunk into oblivion but the champion from Smilde did not only keep his head up high, his performances kept on improving and improving.
2nd National Ace pigeon < Middle Distance K.B.D.B. 2009
2nd Olypmpiad pigeon Middle Distance Poznan K.B.D.B.2011
4rd Olympiad pigeon Middle Distance Poznan K.B.D.B.2011
6th National Champion >Middle Distance K.B.D.B. 2011
7th National Champion > Middle Distance K.B.D.B. 2009
Topresults 2014

Tours Kfc   512 km 654 Young 5,6,8,15,16,39,40,41,48,49,etc.
Noyon Schilde 215 km 598 Young 9,12,23,31,32,45,46,51,57,etc.
Gien Union Zw. 417 km 680 Young 1,28,59,95,98,143,144,etc.
Noyon Schilde 215 km 384 Young 2,3,4,5,6,6,9,17,19,21,26,28,2930,etc.
Limoges 2 Provinciaal 682 km 517 Old B. 10,13,40,70,.
Sourdun Union 312 km 770 Yearl. 13,14,16,31,54,67,68,85,92,96,.
Sourdun Union 312 km 437 Old B. 6,10,15,29,41,50,85,90,.
Montlucon Nat.zb2 562 km 2373 Old B 55,58,67,111,182,223,286,288,329.
Sourdun Union West 312 km 537 Yearl. 2,18,25,57,91,
Chateauroux Kfc 535 km 500 Old B. 5,9,21,22,25,29,47,52,86,96,
Bourges Kfc 486 km 609 Old B. 6,15,19,20,24,35,.
Souppes-Sur-Loing Union 364 km 698 Old B. 2,5,9,20,75,76,94,118,.
Souppes-Sur-Loing Union West 364 km 748 Yearl. 16,21,22,37,44,49,64,66,92,95,99,
Souppes-Sur-Loing Union West 364 km 822 Old B. 1,2,3,4,5,7,10,12,27,31,64,79,....

And many others!

How do you race your pigeons?
"For 26 years I raced the classic widowhood system with only cockbirds. Until about ten years ago, when I sad down at one table with the Dutch dentist Willem de Bruijn from Reeuwijk. He talked me into racing on total widowhood system, just like he does. This choice I did not regret for one moment in my life so far, you have a double efficiency with just as many pigeons and besides you maintain the level of the hens, a factor for a successful pigeon career that is neglected far too often. My hens live on the backside of the loft in aviaries that I can screen with Plexiglas totally. I call them in at the front side of the loft and they are transported towards their section through a tunnel.’’
What does your feeding system look like?
"My breeding pigeons get an ordinary ‘breeding mixture’ but practically always the racers get the same mixture. In the middle eighties, when I frequently visited the Van Laer brothers from Pulle, I noticed their pigeons always looked so darn good. I asked Louis, the best fancier of the four brothers, how he did that. He told me it was because of their feeding mixture, that contains of about 50 % corn, 10 % green pees, 9 % Tasmanian pees and for the rest dari, cardi, barley, peeled oats, sunflower pits and wheat. In 1986 I also started to give this mixture and directly I became “King” of the Antwerpen Union. Of course I always kept on giving this mixture. The racers always get about the same mixture, only for a special race I feed them up a bit with some extra peeled sunflower pits, grind peanuts and candy seed.’’
What additional products do the pigeons get?
"Less every year. At the moment I give them a mixture of grind, pick stone, vitamineral, sharp stomach gravel and egg-food every week. The day they return from a race the pigeons get Aphifarm and Mumm from Rhonfried, from this the pigeons recover quickly. Occasionally I give them Blitzform from the same firm. During the moulting process I do give a nature product in the drinking water every day, three days of apple vinegar varied with three days Naturaline from Natural."
Serge van Elsacker has very impressive pigeons. On Dreampigeons are children of the most fantastic birds. Children and grandchildren out of:
Olympic pigeon ‘Speedy Gonzales’
Olympic pigeon ‘Olympic Vanity’
Father to Speedy Gonzales ‘Phantom’
Mother to Speedy Gonzales ‘OLenka’
Father to Olmypic Vanity ‘Nelson’
Mother to Olympic Vanity ‘Spin’
Topracer and topbreeder ‘Janet Jackson’
Topbreeder ‘Worldstar’
Great racer ‘Vegas Girl’
Topbreeders ‘Oregon’ and ‘Miss Marple’
Topracer and maybe even better breeder ‘Rockefeller’
And many other topbirds like ‘Vanessa’, ‘Picabo’, ‘Pirelly’, ‘Twisters’ and ‘Zita’
A magnificent breeding station, with a lot of famous birds. A unique selection pigeons out all of these topracers and topbreeders were  available on


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