Reports & News - Hennie la Grouw, Amsterdam – Hollands got talent!!!

Hennie la Grouw, Amsterdam – Hollands got talent!!!
Hennie la Grouw, Amsterdam – Hollands got talent!!!

Hennie la Grouw is an amazing pigeon fancier in the Netherlands. In earlier years he dominate the short distance and he prefers a new challenge. The new target was dominate on the National One Day Long Distance.

When Hennie la Grouw has a target, he reaches his target! In a short period he became a magnificent Dutch Champion on the One Day Long Distance. What do you think of following highlights:

  • 1e NPO Bourges – 7.633 pigeons              
  • 1e NPO Chateauroux – 7.714 pigeons 
  • 1e NPO Bourges – 6.819 pigeons             
  • 1e NPO Bourges – 5.279 pigeons 
  • 1e FNH Orleans – 6.074 pigeons               
  • 1e FNH Orleans – 4.175 pigeons 
  • 1e Chimay – 4.249 pigeons                      
  • 1e Soissons – 2.788 pigeons 
  • 1e Tours – 1.149 pigeons 3e (NPO against 5.681 pigeons) 
  • 1e Bourges – 1.111 pigeons                    
  • 1e Meer against 885 pigeons 
  • 1e Chimay – 552 pigeons (3e Provinciaal – 8.964 pigeons)
  • 1e Nanteuil – 636 pigeons                       
  • 3e Soissons – 7.290 pigeons 
  • 3e NPO Orleans – 5.146 pigeons              
  • 5e Soissons – 12.349 pigeons 
  • 5e Meer – 4.336 pigeons                         
  • 7e NPO Orleans – 8.779 pigeons 
  • 7e Chimay – 3.366 pigeons                      
  • 8e Breteuil – 2.486 pigeons 

These highlights are a short summary of an impressive list of National top results! With a strong base of Louis van Loon pigeons and a fantastic investment by Combination Verbree, Putten was Hennie la Grouw the winning man in Section 6. Many championships, a lot of teletekst results and a lot of top prizes are result of good management. Hennie believes in strong pigeons, with a big persistence. Hennie la Grouw pigeons must perform six races on a high level. Two or three One Day Long Distance races is for the most fanciers not a problem. To perform all the six races, you must have a special pigeons. Pigeons who can fly on heavy conditions and never give up. Hennie la Grouw has the perfect strain of One Day Long Distance pigeons.


1st NPO Bourges 6.627 pigeons
2nd NPO Blois 5,971 pigeons
8th NPO Tours 5,390 pigeons
13th NPO Montluçon 5,226 pigeons
69th Ablis 14,441 pigeons
1st Ace Pigeon National Competition Eendaagse Fondspiegel 2005
Won in 2005 in only 8 weeks:
1st NPO Tours 5,390 pigeons
14th NPO Orléans 2,957 pigeons
14th NPO Châteauroux 4,140 pigeons
53rd NPO Bourges 6.627 pigeons
1st NPO (South) Bourges 5,279 pigeons
3rd Chimay 8,964 pigeons
3rd NPO Orléans 5,146 pigeons
7th NPO Orléans 8,779 pigeons
12th Nanteuil le Haudouin 9,332 pigeons
16th St. Job 7,964 pigeons
11th NPO Blois 5,368 pigeons
9th Meer 4,386 pigeons
18th NPO Bourges 7,633 pigeons
2nd Nijvel 637 pigeons
2nd Chimay 611 pigeons
37th Pommeroeul 11,119 pigeons
40th Nijvel 8,299 pigeons
39th Nanteuil le Haudouin 6,549 pigeons
73rd Nanteuil le Haudouin 11,894 pigeons
46th Soissons 7,298 pigeons
68th NPO Châteaudun 10,198 pigeons
78th Strombeek 8,204 pigeons
60th Nijvel 6,152 pigeons

Olympiadpigeon for the Netherlands Dortmund 2009. Won 13 x 1:100, among others:
1st NPO Ablis 13,063 pigeons
2nd Morlincourt 12,760 pigeons (1st vs 3,306 pigeons)
1st Peronne 3,372 pigeons
9th Breuil 10,008 pigeons
20th Peronne 15,075 pigeons
1st Meer 461 pigeons
1st Strombeek 283 pigeons
7th Nanteuil le Haudouin 1,763 pigeons
110th Meer 27,653 pigeons
30th Mullheim 6,152 pigeons
73rd Peronne 12,370 pigeons
79th NPO Orléans 10,594 pigeons
144th Strombeek 15,741 pigeons
On dreampigeons is a Hennie la Grouw auction at the moment. Children out of the most excellent pigeons are available. A special offer of one of the best One Day Long Distance lofts of the Netherlands. A lot of Dutch pigeon fanciers perform much better through Hennie la Grouw pigeons. Also the Fanger brothers, Badhoevedorp. They are very successful with Hennie la Grouw pigeons.  For more info:

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