Reports & News - Tj. & T. Elzinga, Harkema – Father and son goes to Olympiade in Budapest!!!

Tj. & T. Elzinga, Harkema – Father and son goes to Olympiade in Budapest!!!
Tj. & T. Elzinga, Harkema – Father and son goes to Olympiade in Budapest!!!

What a fantastic result for Tjeerd and Jouke Elzinga. The Dutch topfanciers perform on a high level for years, but the last years were very impressive. A lot of fantastic results, championships and two times a 1st NPO. When you dominate a section for years, you must have a very strong breeding loft.

Tjeerd and Jouke are very successful with especially Pieter Veenstra pigeons. That strain performs very well in Friesland, but also in other zones of Holland and International countries. 2015 is a very special year for father and son. They have to visit Budapest for their Olympiad pigeon ‘Esmee’. ‘Esmee’ was a very unique bird, wich won:

1st National Acebird WHZB
1st National Acebird TBOTB
1st National Acebird One Day Long Distance NTAK Topwings
2nd National Acebird One Day Long distance NPO
Olympiad pigeon Budapest

Top results

Morlincourt  NPO  6,663 duiven
1-5-15-16-25-28-36-38-42-82-87-90-94-134-141-146-149-152-166 57/41
La Louviere NPO 8,004 duiven
4-9-11-29-30-39-88-127-128-131-133-134-138-198-230-233 57/49
Tongeren Prov. 9,261 duiven
19-22-46-47-74-75-80-81-82-90-103-333 50/36
Pommeroel NPO 14,502 duiven
2-3-4-121-127-129-133 68/44
Gennep Prov.  19,701 duiven
12-17-21-23-24-27-28-65-68-140-220-244-250 69/49
Orleans NPO 4,502 duiven
4-19-97-146-173-218 20/15
Pommeroel Prov  6,213 duiven
21-22-61-66-93-97-102-129-131-134-139-150-175-186 60/50
St. Truiden Prov  20,435 duiven
4-5-12-13-16-55-61-66-75-116-152-180-193 44/40
Sens NPO 5,984 duiven
2-9-14-15-40-44-342-350  20/12
Lommel Prov. 12,346 duiven
9-10-11-12-14-25-45-103-107-112-113-115-121-133-158 enzz 70/53
Den Bosch Prov 15,390 duiven
Sens NPO 8,013 duiven
15-28-42-49-53-59-134-138-167-189-204-260-64 20/17
Chalons en Chamapgne NPO

Unique birds

Base breeder in Harkema is ‘Blue Hope’. You can recover this pigeon in nearly all pigeons. Unique top pigeon!!! Winner of:
4th NPO La Ferte 13,404 pigeons
Children and grandchildren won:
1st NPO Morlincourt
4th NPO Orleans
4th NPO Morlincourt
4th NPO Pommeroeul
5th NPO St. Quentin
5th NPO St. Truiden
11th NPO Sens
12th NPO St. Truiden
15th NPO Sens
15th NPO Morlincourt
19th NPO Orleans
20th NPO Orleans
21st NPO St. Quentin
33rd NPO St. Quentin
34th NPO Pithiviers
49th Den Bosch 15,390 pigeons
56th NPO Orleans
61st NPO Sens
89th NPO Chalons
103rd NPO Sens

‘Super 32’ is also a pearl on the Elzinga loft! ‘Super 32’ is a top racer and fantastic breeder!!!
10th NPO Quievrain 15,859 pigeons
11th Hazeldonk 5,172 pigeons
16th Auby 12,133 pigeons
18th NPO Orleans 7,165 pigeons
22nd Pommeroeul 6,213 pigeons
36th NPO Sens 6,036 pigeons
101st Boxtel 15,762 pigeons
Father to:
4th NPO Pommeroeul

‘Lady Gaga’ is another base breeder. She is mother and grandmother to a lot of fantastic racers!!! ‘Lady Gaga’ is mother to:
NL10-1031410 ‘Sven’
1st Semi Provincial Acebird One Day Long Distance
2nd International Acebird Northern Union
3rd National Acebird One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel
5th National Acebird One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel
4th Chateauroux 2,906 pigeons
6th Sens 6,036 pigeons
9th NPO Chateauroux 3,534 pigeons


Tjeerd and Jouke Elzinga breed out a special selection youngsters especially for Dreampigeons. Only top breeding lines are good enough and you can see a very unique selection of top pigeons. If you want a proven strain, this is what you need. The best ‘Super 32’, ‘Blue Hope’ and ‘Lady Gaga’ lines are now available on the Elzinga auction at

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