Reports & News - Four decades of supremacy in Belgium: Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, Putte

Four decades of supremacy in Belgium: Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, Putte
Four decades of supremacy in Belgium: Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, Putte

Over 70 years this couple is majestic in Belgian pigeon sport, their names Gust and his wife Mit Van Hove-Uytterhoeven -now in their eighties- from Putte.

Their legacy is ongoing for probably what is now the longest period of supreme pigeon racing. And for just as many years their purebreds marvel on races from 100 – 700 km, meanwhile heavily selected for their shown racing-ability. One of the pillars is that their birds must be able to successfully compete in six to eight races over more than 500 km each season. 

Their strain

Already in WWII the foundation was established, when Gusts father Jos harboured a little part of his stock for a round of eggs from the loft of the world-famous Antwerp champion Evrard Havenith, thus functioning as a safe house might the masters strain not survive the cruelty of this war. The birds were returned to Evrard after the war and the Havenithbirds which were hatched stayed in Putte. A legendary basis for the loft in Putte, which later on obtained numerous victories amongst which were these Nationals (all of Belgium) from 1994 and onward:

  • 1st National Bourges(471 km)  16.950 birds (fastest youngster, yearling and old bird against 40.902 birds)
  • 1st National La Souterraine (584 km) 13.988 birds
  • 1st National Limoges (632 km) 8.362 birds
  • 1st National Gueret (582 km)  2.410 birds
  • 1st National Limoges (632 km) 8.855 birds

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The predominant lines of their strain are descendants of ‘Flippelijn, ‘Bange II’, ‘Jonge Zanzibar’ and recent decennia BE94-6081753, ‘Golden Boy’. More intel on ‘Golden Boy’ click here.

The birds of aforementioned bloodlines are also crossed for hybrid vigour and one fifth of them is mated to foreign breeds. Their own inbreeds in such a crossing is almost a guarantee for success! 

It still remains important to inject something new into such a royal family of pigeons. Especially BE04-3230965 ’Gaby Bliksem’  a youngster of the world-famous ‘Bliksem’ of Gaby Vandenabeele was a real diamond.  

Breed, select, for generations to come. That’s the recipe for the pigeons they life for in Putte: quick and full of stamina. Seven to ten hours on the wing, full speed! 

That’s their mission and it shows that it’s a successful one.


This world-famous couple of Putte offers twelve marvellous youngsters on DreamPigeons, bred from their very best: 

  • A son to ‘Jeronimo’ who won 33rd National Bourges 31.824 birds, 47th National Bourges 16.771 birds and 59th National Argenton 20.844 birds x  ‘Lady Bourges’, she won 5 x 1st (including doubles) amongst which a 1st Provincial Bourges 4.376 birds.
  • A half-brother to ‘Lady Bourges’. He is bred from the father of ‘Lady Bourges’ (she won 1st Toury 1.579 birds and 1st Toury 1.751 birds) x Sweet Tiger Junior’ 3 x top 30 National in 2012: 14th National Gueret 3.415 birds, 22nd National Montluçon 22.875 birds and 30th National Argenton 22.384 birds.
  • A full sister to ‘Miss Happy’, 1st Provincial ace bird KBDB 500 km races in 2014 and winner of 1st National (zone) Argenton.
  • A granddaughter to foundation breeder ‘Golden Boy’ and half-sister to several top racers.
  • A half-sister to ‘Orlando’ 1st National Brive Zone 4.616 birds.
  • A daughter to ‘Miss Armani’ with 10 x 1sts (including doubles) and also 2nd National ace bird middle long distance for the Eurocup. ‘Miss Armani’ pricelist on the Nationals: 12th National Bourges 10.906 birds, 25th National Bourges 15.508 birds and 50th National Gueret 14.784 birds.
  • A half-sister to ‘Mister Masterpiece’ 1st Provinciaal Limoges (667 km) 1.417 birds 13 minutes ahead!
  • A half-sister to ‘Rihanna’, selected as 6th for the Nitra Olympiad 2013 and winner to 5th National La Souterraine 22.875 birds, 6th National Montluçon 22.875 birds, 33rd National Argenton 16.325 birds, 85th National Argenton 20.383 birds
  • A half-brother to ‘White Tulle’ 1st National Tulle Zone 2.037 birds.
  • And more!

This auction of Van Hove-Uytterhoeven ends Sunday the 6th of December 3pm Dutch time.


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