Reports & News - Piet and Gerard Lindelauf, Vijlen: over a decade of supreme racing!

Piet and Gerard Lindelauf, Vijlen: over a decade of supreme racing!
Piet and Gerard Lindelauf, Vijlen: over a decade of supreme racing!

Their Janssen-strain is very hard to beat, father Gerard and his son Piet Lindelauf conquer the races from 100-600 km for over a decade now. Their worldfamous ’Wonderboy’ already won 1st prizes as a yearling against 11.500, 5.274 and 847 pigeons.

His father won first prizes against 29.290 and 16.309 pigeons. The first children of ’Wonderboy’ won the car from Provins (1st and 2nd against 4.951 pigeons) and another descendant, ’Het Mirakel’, won firsts against 21.108, 6.476, 996 and 789 pigeons, all in one (!) year. It resulted in winning the national acebird sprint WHZB with the maximum score in points.

One of his brothers, ’Lorris’, won 1st NPO Lorris against 5.256 pigeons and was transferred to the loft of Gerard and Cornelis Koopman where he realy hit it of as a wonderbreeder (e.g. father to ’Magic Man’, 1st National Le Mans North Netherlands and also great grandfather to ‘Olympic Solange’ owned by Gerard and Bas Verkerk). A gold wire of winners throughout many years, also a solid strain based on the old Janssens of Arendonk!

Great results in 2015
This year the excellent results were on repeat again. How about these (only 1:100 prizes in this summary:

  • 12-4, Charleville, 4.436 pigeons, 46 basketed, 31 prizes:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 15 enz.
  • 18-4, Rethel, 2.047 pigeons, 45 basketed, 35 prizes:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 19 enz.
  • 27-6 Gien Prov.,  5.166 pigeons 29 basketed, 21 prizes:
    1, 3, 12, 36, 41, 42, 43 enz.
    11-7, Gien Prov., 4.177 pigeons, 21 basketed, 15 prizes:
    1, 3, 5, 38 enz.

In their district Limurg (850 member) they are this year 1st Champion Middle Distance, 3rd Champion Short Distance and 2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance (NL14-1355419).
Want to introduce some of these miraclebirds in your breeding loft?  On DreamPigeons Gerard and Piet Lindelauf will offer you 16 pigeons, ready for stock. They have even been in the light recently, so you can take it off right away. They are bred from the finest birds in their present strain, like:

  • ‘De Super Milan’, this yearling-talent already won 1st Prov. Gien 4.177 pigeons, 1st Rethel 2.047 pigeons and 1st Rethel 1.987 pigeons.
  • ‘De Slanke’ (1st Sens 1.325 pigeons and 2nd NPO Poitiers 2.182 pigeons)
  • Youngster from parents of 1st Prov. Gien 5.177 pigeons
  • From ‘Primero’ x ‘Zenda’, this couple won 1st -5th -6th Prov./NPO
  • From ‘Goldrush’ (real ace flyer)

And more. The bidding ends 2nd of January 15:00 h.


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